Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reccomended Music for a Hot Muscat Summer

I am still too pissed off about the government, media and local reaction to the US State Department's report on Human Trafficking to write anything other than a expletive laced rant that would hurt a lot of feelings and be unlikely to provide a convincing argument.

Should I ever calm down enough to be Quasi-Articulate, Essa al Zedjali (Times Of Oman and Al Shabiba) has it coming from me. I simply cannot belive that a man so blind to the realities of the world around him is editor in chief of the two most widely read publications in Oman. His "Editorials" are an insult to anyone here with half a brain and an ounce of compassion. He is doing this country a great disservice by abusing his platform to spread lies, hateful rhetoric, and ill minded suggestions for the "betterment" of the country. Omanisation of Wadi Kabir anyone?

See? Angry. I am Angry.

OK. anyway, L_Oman has tagged me with a playlist tag where you list seven of the songs that are on the top of your playlist for Summer 08. I would ask my more religous readers who do not listen to music to navigate away now, because these tunes will get stuck in your head.

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fortunate Son- CCR always makes me think of Summer, and Fortunate Son remains a relevant anti war anthem thirty five years after it's original inception.
  • CCR, Someday Never Comes- A great, heart-wrenching ballad. John Foggarty has such an awesome voice.
  • Outlandish, Guantanamo- Again, a great summer song.
  • Kid Rock, Cowboy- It's Vulgar, Mysogynistic, and Sexually Explicit. I love it.
  • Groove Armada, At the River- Perfect summer chill out tune for Oman, and the one I Arrived and walked in to at my wedding. Happy memories.
  • Steve Miller (?) The Joker-Fantastic driving song, and it's set in the perfect key for me to sing along to.
  • Aerosmith, Anything they ever wrote- I love Aerosmith. Steven Tyler is one Sexxxay old man. He is listed in the Celebrety Clause for my marriage.

There you go. I am a classic rock sort of person. Instead of passing the tag on, I'll tag everyone who needs a kick to update their blog, or just wants to do their bit to improve their reader's taste in Music.

Tomorrow, an indepth report on what it takes to get your freaking AC units cleaned. People who want to get really angry about me being racist and condecending towards poorer, browner workers should definately stop by for that one. I'll even upen up anonymous commenting so you can get your hate on!


L_Oman said...

Listen - don't play on us all and say you're gonna do a post tomorrow then do it like weeks later. It's cruel, it's mean and it's wrong.

xoxo. By the way, you have officially screwed up the period of time I was having where I was not homesick. Creedence Clearwater Revival has brought back so many Fourth of July memories it's pathetic. Can you believe I actually miss the smell of punks burning and charcoal lighter fluid?

Just book me a flight and let me know when it departs.

Muscato said...

I'm a stereotype, I know, but summer music to me is high eighties dance stuff - Madonna, Bananarama, Cyndi Lauper, B52s and the Pointer Sisters.

New stuff? Scissor Sisters goes down well, ditto Roisin Murphy (and both the B52s and Cyndi have great new stuff out!)...

And we wanna see that rant!

Marwa said...

Exploitation!!!! I was enthrallled enrageddd when I read that article in time of Oman about the Human traffiking. How can Omanis justify that human trafficking DOES NOT happen here?! ask any indian in the heat ... or riding the buses back to their baracks. what is this? Im so glad to see im not the only one on this.

Kay said...

Whereeeeeeeeee are you?? Hope you are enjoying your summer holiday and looking forward to reading about it!