Saturday, August 30, 2008

103.2 FM The Coast!

Did you know you can get UAE radio here?

103.2 is the only thing I've listened to for the last week. It kicks ass. Lots of classic rock, and so far not a single boy band or Brittney Spears wannabe.

Masalama Hala, Goodbye Hi, and farewell Radio Sultanate of Oman.

This is a short one because I'm blogging from my mobile phone today.

Our internet is down. Something's wrong with the router. There is pretty much nothing in my entire house that is not broken. Aaaargh.


Omanymous said...

Its Great !!

but i dont get it all the time .. it keeps fading in and out :-(

Abid said...

if your internet works, there is a whole new world of internet radio :P

Anonymous said...


I had a good chuckle at your "About me" section...very witty as always :-D

hope you doin well. Keep smilin'


Undercover Dragon said...

You'd think somebody could figure out that all they need to do is beam radio from Dubai, retransmit here, and have a computer insert local ads automatically, 24-7. No local DJs, no fcuking 'text the answer for 200 biasas to win a happy meal toy' crap.

I had such high hopes for Hi! Fm, but its so bad I - unbelievably - find myself starting to prefer Oman FM. Ah well. For some reason my aerial must be too small to pick up the 103.2 station...