Thursday, August 7, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

Disclaimer: Our title today refers neither to the excellent Vonnegut Novel of the same name, beer for breakfast, or Wheaties.

Day Two of America! Virtual Live blog.

Excepting our brief journey into the dark heart of Wyoming farm country, we ate breakfast at the same Diner every morning of the trip. It's an old Pre-fab railcar diner that's been in continous operation since the fourties I think. Every booth has it's own jukebox, where you can pick from a selection of classic country, or classic rock tunes. The service is amazingly fast and the prices astonishingly cheap. We had our food three minutes after ordering it every single morning, and we could feed six people for less that 20 rials, including tip.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of eating in a diner, this is what they look like.

I mean, goddamn, don't you just love all that shiny stainless steal?

I had eithe Biscuits and Gravy, or eggs with pancakes and sour dough toast every morning. Wanna know what Stone ate every single morning? He ordered the Buckaroo Breakfast, a smoking deal at under four bucks, consisting of:

  • A Sirloin Steak
  • Hash browns
  • two eggs cooked any way you want them (Over Light Please)
  • Three Pancakes with Butter and Syrup
  • A bottomless cup of coffee

Yeah, it cost less than two rials. Amazing.

The kids ate everything, from Chicken fried steak, to enormous breakfast burritos, to lemon merangue pie, to Huevos rancheros. They were completley awed at the idea that they could have a hot breakfast every single morning, served by someone nice, featuring eggs cooked to precision standards, that would arrive in front of them in a matter of seconds. Honestly, they were absolutley gobsmacked by the concept.

The waitresses were fabulous, and exactly like what you would imagine a diner waitress would be like excepting that not one of them was named Betty. THey were effecient, charming towards the kids, and took a particular shine to Stone, going so far as to occasionally tousle his hair when they walked past, which of course cracked the kids up.

Also worth listing are the names the waitresses called Stone each morning:

  • Darling
  • Sweetie
  • Sugar
  • Honey / Hon
  • Sweet Pea
  • Babe
  • Pumpkin
  • Buddy / Bud
  • Sweetheart

The kiddies found that to be super hilarious as well. Stone thought it made a nice change from the names I sometimes call him.

America. Land of the free* home of the finest breakfast anywhere on earth.

Also, in Unrelated but Interesting News, Khadije Heather Jones has lost her most recent appeal for Custody of her children here in Oman. I'll post a full report tomorrow, with the background, and some of the interesting and totally vitriolic comments I received when I blogged it earlier. This report should dovetail nicely into a later report on the utterly pathetic US embassy here.

*depending on your definition of free


Kay said...

So what'd you have for lunch and dinner? And what no pictures of the food???

Angry In Oman said...

Crazy that waitresses would actually be welcoming and friendly to customers and that service can actually good. I miss that...

The surly Indians get me down everytime.

Suburban said...

Kay! Welcome home Sweetheart! Coffee or cocktails soon?

Angry, We were blown away. It's been like ten years since I had such nice service. Stone had to physically restrain me from hugging helpfull strangers.

I think a lot of the waitstaff here try hard, but whoever trained them is so fucking inept that the cycle of horrible customer service repeats itsef Ad-nausem. Also, a culture of tipping here would go a long way towards inproving service.

Kay said...

Thank you Suburban. Yalla coffee sounds great. Whats your email? mine is drop me a note whenever.

I totally agree with the tipping system and how it can do wonders. I use it mostly with hairdressers and in saloons. They remember me in the next visit and I get great service for it.

Undercover Dragon said...

Sub', What a deal. Good to see that America is still the land of cheap food.

I agree with Kay on the tipping. It works (tho' it does act like a huge tax on your restaraunt bill) and as a result the service is usually good. The whole 'service charge included' thing you get here is such a rip off. I'm not even sure the staff actually get it either...