Sunday, August 17, 2008

Goodbye, Anwar.

I fired my handy man on Friday. I am happier than I was on my wedding day.

Anwar, the Handyman who is incapable of understanding the concept of time management, personal hygene, or the importance of fixing it right the first time. Anwar, the handyman with a pathological aversion to tape measures.

Never again will his stinky, sexist body darken my door four hours after it was supposed to. Never again, will I sit around for an entire day waiting for him to show up, only to have the wrong parts. Never again will it take him six trips to the hardware store and three weeks to replace a hot water heater because he was too lazy or stupid to measure the thing.

From now on, everything in my house will work, exactly the way it is supposed to, because the person doing the repairing will have a brain, and the motivation to do it right the first time. The new person will use measuring tape, and make neat, ordered lists to take to the hardware store and return with everything on the list. The new person will replace broken things, instead of repairing them so badly that they break again within a week. That person is me.

Goodbye Anwar, and don't come back.


Muscato said...

The obvious question: do you make house calls?

Omanymous said...

Sometimes i wish there was a hardware store i can go to get all the stuff that i need to fix stuff at home ...

do you think something like that work here? like a do it your self kind of store ?

sythe said...

There are loads of construction supply stores... you just usually have to ask for what you want at a counter and someone goes and finds it for you. There's actually a pretty good Construction Supplies store at the Ghbura intersection, just down from the motorway r/a. It's on the North West corner, across the road from that Barka Factory of Oman... Sweet (hahaha) store and a bunch of tailors stores (Al Naamani is one) the other way.

L_Oman said...

Ace. We need ace here on a smaller scale.

I fired the gardener and I do it all myself. I sweat like a sow, but in the end, it's done right and things actually grow (well, sort of) instead of dying.

Skilled workers. We need skilled workers to be trained. Teach them, pay them well and voila.

I know. I'm dreaming.

L_Oman said...

Just want to add Al-Khalili has a hardware store in Ruwi/Wadi Kabir area, sort of in the middle of the mess and it reminds me of True Value Hardware. Bit expensive, but the boys working there are helpful with me.

Suburban said...

Muscato, For you, certainly.

Omanymous- I would kill for a big name hardware store here, but I don't think the market is ready for it. THere's an Acr herdware in DUbai, who mostly cater to the white expartiate segment.

SYthe, L_oman, I am realy enjoying the relationship I'm developing with the guys at my local hardware place. They are hilarious, and really kind to me.

And, as of today, everything in my house is working! Headache free! Maybe I could do this as a carer.