Friday, August 15, 2008

I love the dancing Fillipino prisoners

Honestly, if I could only pick one nationality to work with it would be people from the Phillipines. I found this Youtube clip via the excellent Kuwait based 248am blog. I've been watching it over and over. The dancing inamtes do a bunch of others, the Macerena, and Michael Jackson's thriller are the best. OK, here's the clip, more thoughts below.

First off, What a fantastic project for prisoners. Wouldn't this be even funnier if we did it in the prisons here? Or at the Galfar Labour camp? Fat chance, but really fun to imagine.

I used to work with a mixed team of folks, some Brits, some Aussies, and a bunch of Fillipino guys. I absolutley adored the Fillipino guys, in part because they were always singing. They did a great version of "Mr. Lonley" and really kicked ass at "Hotel California". James blunt and the Bee Gees were the only two albums on a long drive from Dubai to Doha, it was hilarious.

The guys could find a kereoke bar in any city on earth. Honestly, it was like they had an internal radar for Kereoke places, be it Turkey, Jordan, China or even here in Oman, the guys could find one in about fifteen minutes flat. And they could Wail. Even Lito, who stood about four feet tall, was 70 years old, and had no teeth would get up and sing, or drag me out onto the dance floor for a totally embarassing boogie.

Of all the people I used to work with, I miss those guys the most.


Al-Maawali said...

They were dancing with passion, like they really wanted to.

I wonder what could have motivated them to do so. Were they forced? Were the given an insensitive?

I know something for sure, if I am in jail, they will have to threaten my family for me to be part something like that.

And yes, Filipinos = Karaoke.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, know what you mean, I miss the Filipinos in Muscat.