Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It sucks to be me right now

Not like in the way it sucks to be an opposition supporter in Zimbabwe, or a political dissadent in Saudi, or an orphaned street kid in the slums of Mumbai, but for me, on a personal level, this week sucks. If it gets any worse I'll have to get all "Stars! Why do you defy me??" a'la Romeo from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Because that's how much my week, or at least today and yesterday, Suck.

So, here is a rant, and I"m going to swear a little so you've been warned. I just need to vent, and this is my spot for venting, ok? In chronological Order: here is what's wrong with my life, today.
  • I have burned the crap out of my arm, while trying to diagnose a problem with my cousin's truck. I didn't want him to feel bad, so I remained silent when I did it, but I look like a leprocy victim right now, and it hurts.

  • My phone is Broken

  • Everything in My house is broken, and the lazy Pakistani Fixer guy can't seem to ever arrive in anything that resembles the agreed upon time. Ten AM becomes Five PM.

  • I cannot drive my husband's flash car without immediately being surrounded by thousands of of testosterone laden mouth breathing boys who look about thirteen and are determined to get my attention in any way they can. Yes, I have a vagina and I can drive the shit out of a high powered sportscar. You should see me drive a race car you little fuckers. Obviously, I should run them off the road, except it's my husband's flash car, and we only use my car for that sort of thing.

  • My Jeep, everything is broken on it. We have it back, but it needs a new Engine, and possibly a transmission rebuild. Stey tuned, we'll know in 1,000 kms

  • I had my first (minor) accident yesterday, which the other driver and I agreed was mutual fault. I feel like a Total. Fucking. Moron. and it's going to be a real pain in the ass to sort out the paperwork.

  • The aforementioned accident, knocked off the fender from the Jeep, which was already held on with duct tape. I'm off to the spare parts department this afternoon, since none of the 10,000 local garages I checked this morning had the little clippie things I need to re-attach it.

  • While looking for the spare part I need, I will no doubt go through Parking hell, and have to park like ten miles away and walk with my wiggling toddler, nappy bag, fender, and purse in my arms. Why, Why, Why, can we not seem to build anything with enough parking here?

  • The princess is being a horrible monster right now. Her overwhelming cuteness is a defense mechanisim to prevent me from murdering her.

  • Yesterday, immediately before I had my little fender bender, there was this guy who pulled up and parked his custom painted light blue (like the blue that's on your windows start bar if you use XP) Porsche boxter or 911 or something right in the handicapped space out front of Starbucks. So I asked him in a verry sweet voice weather he was handicapped and he said "I'm just running in to get something and I'll be right out, anyway there is no other parking" Although I could count five other spaces really close by. The guy was young, fit, and obviously, wealthy. An hour later, when I had finished with the paperwork for the accident, his car was still parked there. My thoughts on that matter, as follows--- 1) What a dick. 2) why didn't he have the accident instead? 3) Why ME? Is there No Justice?

OK. I'm done now. Here's hoping I will find my sense of perspective some time soon. Tomorrow, humour, and possibly an overheard in muscat family edition.


MMK080 said...

"Yes, I have a vagina and I can drive the shit out of a high powered sportscar."

You live and you learn...

Nice to have you back, Sub.

Leo Americanus said...

I would love to see Porsche guy's car with a nice, deep key mark all the way down to the panel that got all of the door, and just enough of the fender and quarter panel to require repainting of all three. Much more effective as a learning tool than the parking ticket that will never come.

Undercover Dragon said...

I wish real handicapped people would start some sort of guerrilla campaign to do bad things to such wankers.

I hate them.

Amber said...

Wow...you've driven a race car? Ok, that is the part that caught my eye. I have always wanted to do that.

If the idiots only knew how cool you were they would bow down to you.

Things will look better...eventually. I lost the bumper on my first truck that I bought myself, it was really a sweet ride (my brother took it for a spin without my permission and knocked over a telephone pole with it) and my dad welded a make shift heavy metal rusted pole on the front. It looked like crap. I was not happy - but there is always that option ;)

Besides you went over to my blog and gave me some glimmer of hope with my equivalent to your car passion...the karma will come around. Something good is bound to happen.

Angry In Oman said...

Sub, I hope things turn themselves around for you.

L_Oman said...

I'm with you, subs. Sending you 'good times' vibes. And get that nasty burn looked at, missy!

Suburban said...

Thaks team, things much better now that the weekend is here. MMk080- dude, you neeeeeed to update.