Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's a Poll! It's Random!

Ladies, Gentlemen,

Over there on the right there is a poll asking which side of the bed you sleep on. This question is for married, or Co-habitating couples, or single people who sleep around a lot. If you have not shared your bed with anyone, don't answer.

Please answer as if you are lying on the bed, not looking at it.

Thank You!

I'll let you know my theory next month. It's groundbreaking.


muscati said...

I sleep on the side closest to the room's entrance and my wife sleeps on the side closest to the bathroom. That's how it is, it's not a right or left thing. If the two are the same, then she gets the choice.

sythe said...

I'm lucky to get to sleep in my bed, my wife likes to roll around and can some how take up an entire super-king sized bed by sleeping in a star-fish shape!

Undercover Dragon said...

I'm generally (I thought) a right hand side guy, but on reading Muscati's comment, I'm thinking now if THAT was the real driver (i.e. being closest to the door) and that its just coincidence that all the rooms were built that way....