Thursday, August 21, 2008

Overheard on My Vacation

Before I get all funny, I've posted something regarding the passing of Sheikh Saud Bahwan and the advertizing bonanzi that follows the passing of anyone seen as important. It's over at our much neglected Oman Community Blog. Please go over and comment, because I hate to see that blog dying.

Overheard on Our family Vacation

Grandma Doesn't like to talk about the sixties, dear.
(Scene, at dinner at the home of another family. We are discussing the recent bust of a large drugs shipment reported in the local paper)
Uncle A: It's hard to belive that America Jails so many of it's citizens for posession of Marajuana.
Grandma: Sweetheart, Does Marajuana have any psychoactive properties? Like Hallucinations?
Uncle A: Come On, Mom! Next you'll be asking about bong protocal. Like " Dear, is it hit, hit pass? or Hit, Hit, Hit, pass? "
Rest of family bursts out laughing, teenage grandchildren look uncomfortable

We can't wait until she can pronounce the letter R
Adolescent: Are those your Crocs? Your Feet are so big! Those must be Huge Crocs!
The Baby: Huuuge Cocks!!! Huge Cocks!!!!
Adolescent: That's right! Huge Crocs!
Adolescent: and your shirt! It's enormous! What a Huge Shirt you have!!!
Stone: STOP IT, ADOLESCENT. It's not funny.
The Baby: Huge Shit! Huuuuge Cocks!!!

More from here after the weekend. Hope yours in great.


Anonymous said...

OMG, Stone was sooo wrong. That was hilarious (to my rather juvenile mind anyways)

Staff said...

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sythe said...

OK so I guess Electroman has been doing the rounds eh?

Too funny about the letter R, I, for one, hope the baby never learns how to pronounce the letter R. Clearly the baby is a comedic genius.

Kay said...

Hahaha do need to get your little girl on video she could be a youtube GOLDMINE!

Undercover Dragon said...

HUUUUUGE laughs Suburban - the YouTube suggestion is a good one!

Bet she's a cutie too.

3anooda said...

LOL sorry but i thought that Adolescent / baby conversation was hilarious. LOOOOL