Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Things to do in Muscat with small kids, part 1

For the first in a series of unconventional things to do with your kids in Muscat, Other Oman presents The construction Game!!!!

One of the side effects of living in a perennial construction site is that there are some awesome machines to look at, or if you are a cure little two year old girl, to ride in.

Photo removed.

Look at my amazingly cute baby up there driving the giant freaking front end loader.

You can just see her head behind the wheel. the guy holding her is letting the loader roll forward across the empty lot while the baby steers it in a zig-zag pattern. I had no idea those things had power steering.

We are relatively certain she will be a civil engineer when she grows up.

In addition to the front end loader, the kid has has the oppertunity to "drive" an asphalt paver, a giant dump truck, a jackhammer thingy that rolls along on tank treads, and a giant digger. She is absolutley crazy about the worker guys, and they are totally smitten with her. Honestly, they are never too busy to give her a ride, even if that means that she wants to "help"them five or six times a day.

You should take your kids to visit construction sites too. It's our favorite daily outing, and something uniquely Oman. You would never, ever, ever be able to treat your kid to this experience in America or Europe, the HSE boys would freak.


Blue Chi said...

LOL. You can only do such crazy things in Oman.

omanymous said...

awesome post ...
can i bring my kids over :)

Kishor Cariappa said...

Lol. Maybe Marah Land folks can add this to their portfolio!

L_Oman said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Anonymous said...

Better cover up the license plate of the JCB unless some guy decides to make it a reason to kick the poor driver out of his job for "endangering lives" by letting a kid drive...

Suburban said...

anon- Done.

THis is oman though so I doubt the company would A) give a shit b) do anything.

Also, tough to imagine that the guy would loose his job for allowing a kid to sit on his lap in a completley controlled environment with nothing to run into with the mother's consent and encouragement.

Particularly since that's the only nice thing the asshole company that's built a gravel depository in a suburnban neighbourhod has done.

Anonymous said...

:)Thanks for the prompt action,
Im lazy enough to login... Anon does sounds creepy on second glance :)..