Saturday, August 9, 2008

You are incorrect, I am flattered

We are at a news stand in Terminal 4 of Heathrow Airport. Stone is paying for some junk food, an economist, and a Guardian. I'm following the princess around in circles in the shop.

You know how the brits have a lot of really trashy magazines with pictures of girls with great bodies, straight teeth, and enormous breasts right on the front cover? The baby wanders over, looks at a magazine appraisingly, points to the scantily clad girl on the cover, and says "Mommy!"

My Delight was short lived, because the guy we were standing next to took one look at me and then laughed out loud. Hmmph.


Al-Maawali said...

LOOL! That was funny!

What a nerve.. I don't believe he actually laughed.
Maybe he laughed because it was cute the way your daughter thought that was you? Noo... it doesn't make it any better!

Did you give him the look?! :p

L_Oman said...

Well, if it's any consolation, my daughter just said to me about an hour ago while standing at the water tap (I was watering my seedlings - see blog), "Mom - you can be on the blue team!"

I was like, "Hu?"

Her response, "Duh mom. You can be on the biggest loser. You just have a little to lose so I'm sure you'll win!"

Damn biryani.

Amber said...


I would have asked him what he found so amusing. And then I would have wacked him with the magazine if he gave me the wrong response.

I enjoy reading your blog.

Amber said...

oh - I must add that I personally enjoy watching people try to squirm their way out of situations...and that would have been a pleasurable moment for me watching him try to figure out how to not insult you and further. I wonder how he would have fared...did he look intelligent? Probably not.

Suburban said...

Cheers Guys. Nice to have some supportive Virtual Friends!

I think he laughed both at the insane cuteness of the kid, and the totally delighted look on my face. Because let's face it, I will never be on the cover of one of those magazines... Not without a Boob Job anyway.

L_Oman-- Woman, that is a hilarious story. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry reading that. Had i been in your shoes, I think I would have cried, or murdered the kid.

Omanymous said...

you really have 10 turtles?

Undercover Dragon said...


Hey suburban, ignore the stupid guy (who was probably laughing at your daughter) and focus on the fact your daughter thinks you're hot!

At least she wasn't pointing to the diet mag covers...

Suburban said...

Omanymous, They were a "gift"

We had ten turtles, but the stupid little kids in our neighbourhood have stolen them. Again. So we're putting up leaflets offering a reward for thier return, and I"m having the maintinance man ring our house with electrified Razor wire.

Dragon, yeah, a diet mag woulda been waaay more embarassing. I'm loving your posts of late, sorry for not commenting more agressively!