Friday, September 5, 2008

Because I guess Ghalfar can't afford any land of thier own

On thursday Morning at 06:17 the world came to it's end outside my bedroom window. Or at least thats what it sounded like.

Have you ever seen Japanise Aname where the gigantic robot with the death-ray blasters walks through the city crushing skyscrapers and people with each earth shaking step? Well that is what it sounded like outside my Bedroom Window at SIX SEVENTEEN ON A THURSDAY MORNING DURING RAMADHAN. I sat bolt upright in my shaking bed, all "Stone! Was that a Bomb?". I was thinking that the revolution had started, right here in Al Ghubra. (And why not, really? No big loss to civilation if this neighbourhood gets blasted off the face of the earth...)

The commotion outside was;
  • A giant earth mover scraping hard packed gravel off the ground of the empty lot next door
  • Three giant trucks emptying thier payloads of rocks and dirt into said lot
  • One giant truck with a stuck release gate surrounded by three guys in blue suits banging the thing with sledge hammers.

Ghalfar has, for the last month, been using the empty lot next door as a facility to mix dirt with rocks. There is one giant digger, and a procession of dump trucks filled alternately with rocks or dirt. The digger mixes the rocks with the dirt, and then loads the trucks back up with the mixture and they trucks haul it away. Seven days a week. Why the geniuses in the Logistical planning department thought it would be a good idea to set up a rock and dirt mixing facility in a residential neighbourhood, on a lot that does not belong to them, is completley beyond me. It does seem a less than commendable act of corporate citizenship, but who am I to judge?

The guys who work the diggers and trucks are adorable, and really nice to me and the baby. It's like having free daycare 12 hours a day. The kid will be a Youtube sensation once she can pilot one of the diggers herself, a feat which at this rate is less than two weeks away.

I don't mind the enormous, dark clouds of dust they kick up too much, although I have to wash my car once a week now instead of once a month. The house, and everything in it is covered in a layer of dust about 1 cm thick. We have decided to postpone further dusting until Ghalfar decides to move along, because it would be an act of futility given that the stuff just blows right back in ten minutes later.

I do, however, mind that Ghalfar is robbing me of an average of 10 hours of sleep per week. The noise is unbeliveable, and it seems to peak at seven o clock in the morning, and again right around afternoon siesta time.

I also mind that they have taken the local soccer pitch where the kiddies play, and turned it into a construcion site.

I mind that when they leave, they will leave nothing improved in the neighbourhood they have taken so much from in terms of inconvenience, collective lost sleep, dustfilled homes and cars, fasts invalidated by rage filled thoughts and threats of violence at Six Seventeen in the morning, and asthma attacks for the fat asthmatic kid adross the street.

The least they could do, as good corporate citizens is build a park for the children in the neighbourhood that they are imposing themselves upon. A safe, clean, park with grass and a swing and some trees for the kids in a neighbourhood with no park, and no public spaces.

I have tried to reach someone in charge at Ghalfar twice this morning, with no luck. I shall now apply some Wasta and attempt to reach the CEO directly through my own channels. I'll let you guys know how it goes.


Omanymous said...

Suburban ...
share some pics :-)
i need some help visualizing ..

muscati said...

This reminds me of something I was going to post on my blog a couple weeks ago which I never got around to. Lemme get to it now.

In short: go to Galfar's website and find the email address of the appropriate department head. They will reply.

Wardat_il'7leej said...

I can soooooooo relate...
Some big shot has decided to break down the mountain (Yes, mountain!) behind my parents home in Al Qurum, you can actually see it on your way to Ras Al- Hamra or heading to the Shell Petrol Station. There are around 5-6 of digger trucks, shovel trucks and breakers working in the area from 5AM till 6PM, even during the weekend.

Suburban said...

Galfar emailed, and a friend who reads the blog is somewhat involved in the project so they are trying to sort it out. Stay tuned. Thanks a million for the good suggestion Muscati!

Wardat, Stone and I were driving past there last week, and he pointed at one of the houses below the mountain and said "at least we don't live there!" I absolutley cannot belive that it's allowed to disrupt people's lives to this extent.

I am so sorry for your parents. They can come stay with us for a while if they want.

Undercover Dragon said...

That sounds horrible. I always prefered Muscat to Dubai because here wasn't just 1 big building site. Now its everywhere. I get a half inch of dust on my car every fcukin day from nearby construction.

Wow. The Qurm destructo-mountain thing is like a scene out of a science fiction movie. I was sure they aren't supposed to start before 6am during the week, and 9am on Friday. But 5am?!?! And that hammering all day...It must be a total nightmare. Call the cops...

And you should both maybe read a book called 'The Monkey Wrench Gang'... ?