Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dish-Dash Deviants!

L_Oman has tagged me with the suggestion that we do a list of links to what we read. This dovetails nicely into the post I had planned for today anyway! Yippee!

The Omani Blogosphere has been talking about the Crraaaaazy dishdash designs, and the MOCI circular distributed forbuddubg tailors from getting too creative with the designs. My thoughts on the matter in a minute, but for now: a quick round up of the blogs that are talking about this issue.

First to blog locally about it was Blu Chi, who was rightly outraged that the Ministry of anything has the right to dictate fashon. His rant is fantastic.

Next up was Al Mawalli over at Be in Oman, who was more amused than outraged at this latest peice of stupidity from MOCI.

Omanymous posted a selection of photos of some really outrageous Saudi Dishdasha, think Gene Simmons from Kiss, or Elvis in his twilight years. Go look, they are really rediculous.

Leo Americanus posted a yet another thoughtfull and intellegent analysis of the knee-jerk reaction of the Saudi Muttawa et. all to the revised saudi thobe designs. I think it's equally relevant here.

TI3GIB posted the sole voice in suport of the Ministries decision. Go read his thoughts on the matter here.

Famous Saudi Blogger Saudi Jeans is talking about the new cool thobes that are maiing appearances in Saudi. His commenters are not too sure if they like the style.

My opinion in a Nutshell:

  • A bad, foolish, and ignorant idea.
  • Dictating something like this is the thin end of the wedge.
  • Next up maybe we should ban Non-traditional Toasted Shwarma.
  • After that we should relegate our Non-Traditional toilet paper to the Pork Room at Al Fair.
  • After that perhaps the government should look into the Non-Traditional Fast foods we are jamming into our gobs.
  • And from Now on, you are only allowed to drive the Traditional Camel or Donkey, or if you are really important you can drive the Quasi-traditional Abu Shenab.
  • Lastly, if MOCI wants to start attacking non-traditional choices of clothing, then let's start with the Abaya. An imported fashion statement (thank you Trickle-down Wahaabi Petro-dollar fashion!) which is decidedly not traditional to Oman.

End of Rant. OK guys, bring me some VIN numbers now!!!!


Omanymous said...

Didnt realize this would become such an important subject ... but i guess it has everybody hooked on some level ..

just for the record ... i am against changing the Omani Dishdasha... mainly because it is so unique and very original... the other GCC sate thobes are just like long shirts that have now turned into long dresses ... with the zippers and embroidery and the fitting... The Omani dishdasha is turning into the that... they are changing the cut ... they are making it more and more like the GCC thobe... Why? just so it would fit better? there is not point changing it to something worse ... if they ad a useful pocket somewhere, i wouldnt mind .. but evolution should take us forward... not backwards ...

i was outraged when i saw what they did to it at the shargrila... that was an insult to the dishdasha...

Also, for the record, I like all types of shawarmas - good example Suburban :-D

Fashion St8ment said...

And is there prescribed a correct traditional length for dishdasha's?

Will the barbers soon be given directives re: traditional length of beards for Omanis?

And what gives the MOCI authority to dictate these matters?

Seems to me that folks at MOCI must not have enough to keep them busy or could they be ignoring important business or trying to distract the public from something else???

Keep up the good work SubUrban.

Blue Chi said...

I didn't realise that so many people talked about this either.

I still think that people should have the right to wear whatever they want as long as it is not indecent.

yuseff said...

It's popular since its an interesting topic!
I don't mind getting a little creative with dishdashas (not that I do), but everything should be within reasonable limits. I don't want zippers all over my dishdasha.

Anonymous said...

this doesnt matter me a bit, however,, you made it look like everybody is talking about MoCI circular, while in fact it isn't!

and Ti3jib is not the solo supporting the circular, i do also. but again, this is trivial and really needs not be argued as a serious matter.

Final note, your comment about camels and abayas is irritating me

Suburban said...


Thanks for your comment. I read with interest your post about the death penalty for insulting weblogs in Iran as well as the one on the multi-colored houses.

While not everyone is talking about the dishdash circular, it does seem to have captured the imagination of quite a number of local bloggers.

I'd hate to offend you on this matter, so to clarify My points in this post:

A)that the government has no place regulating what the people wear, or thier personal style.

B) THe circular seemed to be saying that changing the Dishdasha was a corruption of the heritage and traditions of Oman.

C) applying the MOCI's logic to other daily activities (shwarma, Using the toilet, Driving, and Eating) then those things might as well be regulated too. THere was no implied insult there, just a couple of examples of other Non-Traditional daily activities.

D)I don't have a problem with the Abaya, I own a thirty. But again, If the MOCI wants to Dictate that national dress must be in keeping with the traditional Omani style, then the Black Abaya would logically be the first to go. Look back at pictures or speak to your grandmother about life before the mid 80's and you'll rarely, if ever see a black Abaya.

E)MOCI should stay out of the fashion business. TO paraphrase CHarlton Heston; They can Have My abaya and Styleee dishdash when they pry it from my cold dead hands.

F) Why you gotta hate on the camels?

L_Oman said...

At every gathering so far, this has been the 'hot topic'. I sit back and mysteriously observe, ponder and just soak it all in. It is such a heavy topic, ya know! (actually, I stuff my face with loquemat).

Only one of the men in the family have no qualms with changing the dishdasha. He's pretty much the leader of the pack, so no-one will mess with his opinion (except for me - I tend to like to light his fire and everyone sits in a silent gasp as I do). !!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reply, I hate no camel, while i love horses more, i still love camels.

what i see about the ministry decision is that it is not going to be active after the buzz is gone. like all decisions made be ministries and Rop. so there is nothing to worry about.

and about MoCI have nothing to do with that, I think "Any money in exchange for a product in Omani territory is the responsibility of the Ministry Of Commerce. This clearly being a quality control measure easily puts it within the leashes of the MOC" (from Ti3jib)

Anonymous said...

My favourite dishdasha is that worn by the bodyguards of the UAE President - it comes with velcro down the side so that they can have quick access to their concealed gun. Very 007.