Monday, September 22, 2008

General update with added Blah Blah

General update today, because I am really self absorbed, and can't think of anything else to blog about. This post is boring, you have been warned.

Item 1) I was invited to a sort of "Girls Night" a while back by a lady I really like. I tried really hard not act like a six year old who has been invited to the popular girl's birthday party, but I may have failed. Anyway, I went, and tried to remind myself not to say too much, or be a total ass, or get drunk and puke on the hostesses' Iranian rugs.

The other girls attending were a little older than me, and far, far, cooler. The sort of women who can balance checkbooks, look great in a ballgown, drive reliable cars, and respond to emails in under a month. The sort of women who complete entire sentences without using words like fuck, or jackass.

I had a great time, and for four hours, I felt like OK, maybe I am finally an adult. Breathe. I can do this! Breathe. I can hang out with normal people! Breathe. I think I almost blended in. Except for the swearing, which thankfully, didn't seem to bother them.

Item 2) Toddlers. My baby is driving me crazy this week. Can anyone tell me how you manage to not kill them before they become equally obnoxious but less energy intensive teenagers?

Item 3) I heard the New Menu is out at the Chedi, and that it's much, much, better than the one previous. I cannot wait to try every single thing on it. Look for a second, and hopefully much better review here in a month or so.

Item 4) I had a moment the other day, where I looked over at Stone and I was like; "baby, all that stuff I told you about wanting to be a wife and mother? I was Just kidding... Like What the fuck am I doing at the mother and toddler group sipping coffee, before doing the dinner shop and driving my Nondescript mommy-mobile home to my Non-Descript Villa in Suburbia!"

Stone, who could have told me to take my selfish whining and stick it up my ass, thought it over at work the next day. He came home with a certificate for a weekend at the Chedi, in a Suite, where we will do nothing but eat, shag, and read magazines uninterrupted for an entire weekend. He has booked me in for some sort of 3 hour beauty "ritual".

Stone likes to remind me that my new job may be less glamorous, but pays better, and offers better perks than my old one. And he's right.

Item 5) I've been asked to go back to work for two weeks in October. Can't wait. I'm considering live blogging it, but expect I'll be too busy. In addition to looking forward to returning temporarily to an environment where I am not married, and I am not a mother, I'm looking forward to testing my endurance again, Using my brain, as well as connecting with long-lost faces from the industry. Yippeeee.

Item 6) Some quick bullet points about all things Automotive in my family.

  • I am amazed at how much various used car places around here seem to not want to sell me a car. Broken appointments, tardiness, uninformed commentary everywhere.
  • And Car dealership dishonesty that makes me wonder if I really look that stupid?
  • We are not buying the car of my dreams. Yes, I am gutted, thank you.
  • We are looking for a Chevrolet Avalanche, GMC Sierra, or Lincoln Navigator pickup. If you see any around town, please let me know?
  • Ramadhan. Not into it this year. I blame the driving.

More from here tomorrow, or the next day.


Kay said...

I had a moment the other day, not similar to item 4 on your list but a moment nevertheless, I finally figured out why I sometimes tend to feel disappointed with my life. Its all those books I read and have read as a child, teen and a young adult now. I keep waiting for something dramatic, horrible, wonderful, and sometimes even epic to happen and it doesnt! Life will never resemble fiction. Not mine at least and that was a sad moment when I realized that.

L_Oman said...

Item 1 - I get the invites, but never go. Must work on this. Subs did it - I can too.

Item 2 - yadda yadda yadda - you'll look back and want that little toddler back once she's bigger.

Item 3 - please please please tell me that the food is good. I find hotel food totally overrated here. I didn't even dig Samba.

Item 4 - I think we all get those moments.

Item 5 - Can't wait for those work updates. Bet it's a rush to be back in force again.

Item 6 - I'm feeling cynical and feel like every place of service here provides just what you broke down. Nothin'. So jealous of the avalanche. I'm missin' riding around in a pick-up. Not a wimpy toyota one that all the workers have here. A real one...

Anonymous said...

Not to offend anyone, but why are your only choices american cars? It's a universal truth that american cars are garbage (there's a reason why car companies in the US are bleeding money like it's going out of style).

Buy Japanese and be happy.

-Omani in US

Suburban said...

Kay, L_Oman, you ladies are so wonderful! I love reading your comments.

OIUS, I'm flattered that you read this blog! Have you considered starting your own?

I would have to disagree with you regarding American cars being Garbage, though there is a huge amount of room for improvement with regard to QC. To answer your question:

1) It's about the cup holders. American cars have the best cupholders.

2) It's also about asthetic design, Where 4x4's are concerned, I really can't stand most of the Japanese / German designs. They are just so boring. (Toyota Tundra is nice, but too expensive)

3) I have a large family, and big American cars are usually better equipped to take say, six people on a three night camping trip. You simply cannot fit six people into a landcruiser, with seatbelts, and still have room for all your camping gear. My Old Beast held Nine, with seatbelts, and room for six tents, three coolers and a sunshade.

4) I am cheap. I won't spend more than 4,000 RO on a car. Anything Japanise would have to be 15 years old before I would be willing to buy it.

5) I like big cars, and occasionally need to towe a trailer behind the car, so I need something practical for hauling trailers long distances.

6) I like to fix things myself, and American cars are generally simple, dumb, and easy to work on.

Hope that clarifies? And thanks again for the comment.

L_Oman said...

Subs - I love American cars too! But, unfortunately since I don't shell out the bucks on the cars (thanks, hubs) my options are anything but. :sigh:

Nothin' like a honkin' huge hooptie, I say. And the options...oh the options....

Anonymous said...


Justifications noted :)

I read the various 'expat in Oman' blogs ever since I discovered Muscat Confidential a couple of months ago. Serves for some great procrastination in the office here :)

I've thought about starting my own blog yes, but for now I can't be bothered.

-Omani in US