Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Lulu has great prices. I have no idea how they sell some of the stuff there so cheaply. I also like that they don't seem to sell a lot of the expensive stuff I crave, meaning that I save even more because I have no oppertunity to buy the foigras and white truffle oil that might ordinarily catch my eye. Lulu is also pretty convenient to my house, even though the parking lot design leaves much to be desired. Thus, I shop at Lulu.

But quickly, I'd like to address a few issues with Lulu that are slowly driving me crazy.

  • Wonky shopping carts. I am telling you, I have never had a shopping cart there that rolled straight. I am a small girl, and by the time the thing is full, I look like some sort of comic superhero in blue jeans, feet sliding on the lino floors, body inclined to 45 degrees, frantically attempting to navigate the corner of the dairy isle.
  • The produce department. It's insane. I got elbowed in the tit yesterday while attempting to select onions. I have a bruise!!! (wanna See? kidding.) Last week some woman snatched a bunch of corriander from out of my hand. The sweet, wonderfull girls who do the weighing are a delight, but there are rarely enough of them. The Q's are chaos.
  • It is really time consuming to find unbruised produce. The guys who stock the apples, tomatoes and pears could not possibly put less care into setting them in the racks. They might as well grab a cricket bat, fast pitch them to each other and whack them into the racks from a distance of 100 meters. Seriously guys, what did that fruit ever do to you to be treated with such anger?
  • There appear to be inventory control issues with the rotation of fresh veg as well. Red peppers, cabbages, Sprouts, and fancy-pants tomatoes are often on display in a state so moldy that I hesitate to feed them to the turtles, let alone my human family. Al Fair is really bad about that too, but that's another post.
  • There appear to be some serious inventory control issues. 80% of the time I am unable to purchase an item in the trolley because the aforementioned item is not in the system. The cashiers are not empowered to take my word for what the thing costs. Contrast with Sultan Center, where the two times (in nine years!!) an item has refused to scan, they just asked me what it cost, rang it through, and made a note for the inventory manager.
  • The staff at Lulu must hold the royalty rights to the Phrase "I dunno" I have never, ever, ever, managed to get anyone to answer a question there for me. The guys who sell the TV's are fantastic though.
  • I had to buy some belts for Stone yesterday. There were no sizes on most of the belts. There was no order to the way they were hung. The poor guy who was attempting to create order out of chaos in the belt section was kind enough to try on a few for me so we could see what might fit stone. I really felt bad for him, having been assigned to organise something thathad no labels.
  • The parking lot of the Lulu Al Ghubra and Darsait was, apparently, drawn out in india, and did not account for the fact that we drive on the other side of the road here. Don't belive me? Check Google earth images and tell me if the layout would make more or less sense driving on the other side of the road.

OK. end of rant and rave for today. I'm a freaking ray of sunshine, huh?

Tomorrow, a word for the folks at Galfar who have turned the empty lot across the street from my house into rock and dirt mixing yard. Seriously.


thrifty vegetable buyer said...

Related to the rotten vegetable thing - why don't they reduce the price at the end of the day? There are loads of expensive, imported herbs, fruit and vegetables (particularly in Al Fair) that look a bit worse for wear but would be fine if eaten that day. Rather than throw them away (which they must eventually do) why not take 50% off?

Anonymous said...

hmmm, your post title is creative, zoolu in Omani talking means get lost in the plural form ;)

sythe said...

Oh I forgot about the turtles!!! How are they doing?

Zoo-Lu is classic.... :)

My wife and I will look for small women pushing over-burdened carts asking people for foigras!

Abid said...

I see what you mean about the wierd parking lot :)

Leo Americanus said...

This quote kills me. "The guys who stock the apples, tomatoes and pears could not possibly put less care into setting them in the racks." By saying "setting them in the racks" you are being Ramadan generous. I've seen them literally taking a full box of produce and violently dumping it on top of the rest like you'd throw a bucket of water over a floor to mop.

And you forgot the shopping carts in the parking lot bit.

Undercover Dragon said...

Zoo-lu is a total mess, yet its so much cheaper than Al Fair I feel forced to shop there occasionally...

Great observations Sub'.

What about the Friday theme park day, when it seems full of mouth-breathing guys staring at every white chick they see? Classy.

Gill - That British Woman said...

interesting post, I have nothing to gripe about here in Canada, after reading what you go through.

Gill in Canada