Monday, October 13, 2008

Blogger Blocked?

Quick post, before Omantel shuts down the secure connection I'm on.

Can anyone else there access Blogger or gmail from inside Oman??? I think it's been blocked. I neeeeed my email!!!!!


Blue Chi said...

This is insane, I'm outside Oman but there is no way in hell they can block gmail. I am sure that it is a network error or a mistake.

sythe said...
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sythe said...

Gmail seems to work fine... but yes, Blogger is fucked. Cant even click on read comments cos it just will not load. Dropping to a VPN or proxy solves the problem. It is something to do with Omantel's main connection settings (because this is effecting both Omantel and Nawras users).

I hope it's just a blip and will be sorted out soon, because otherwise my days are going to get even more boring. If Omantel didnt want us using Blogger, they would simply just block it. I'm sure it is just some tweak that they've applied which has screwed something up. The question to ask though is, are they going to fix it?

sythe said...

Ok, so upon doing a bit more research, this is what I've found.

1/ Using a brand new, freshly installed PC, there are NO problems with Blogger on a naked Omantel Connection.

2/ I've heard some people have had some success with blogger by doing the following steps:

a) Clearing their browsers Cache, cookies, history, saved form data - essentially taking the browser back to a brand-new, just installed status (you can keep your bookmarks).

b) Then running a Registry cleanup utility to tidy up the systems registry. I'm going to try it here and will comment if it works :)

boxster said...

I was in Muscat on the 11th and 12th and indeed getting to Google-branded services didn't work well. I also had trouble connecting to my USA-based VPN services. The troubleshooting that I did (I am IT professional) pointed to some heavy congestion and packet-losses, similar to when the cable was cut... I am guessing that this would be resolved soon-ish. Clearing up the registry/cache wouldn't help imho.

Suburban said...

Thanks Guys! Whatever it was, it's gone now, thank god. I was really, really, really freaking out about my gmail. I cannot live or run my business without gmail.