Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Suck This Omantel

As far as I can tell, Blogger is blocked to those inside Oman who wish to access it in order to publish. Possibly intentionally, or possibly because Omantel is so staggeringly incompetent.  
Until this morning Gmail was blocked if you were accessing via Nawras, though most users accessing via Omantel could still see gmail. As you can see, since I am posting via email now, Gmail has been unblocked for Nawras users as well. My Guy at Nawras has said they will be making a complaint to the TRA, and I will be doing so as well, first thing tomorrow.
Omantel, can you hear me? You won't stop us. I can post via proxy, via VPN, via secure servers, via mirrors, via email, and if I have to I can post by calling a friend in a country with freedom of speech and a working telecoms infrastructure and DICTATING THE FUCKING MESSAGE DOWN THE PHONE. You guys are dinosaurs.
Thanks Oman, thanks Omantel, Thanks TRA. If anyone out there is compiling a report on (the virtually non existent) ffreedom of speech in Oman be sure to note this one.
Tomorrow I'll be moving the comments over to Haloscan, to allow commenting to continue unabated.
Suck This Omantel.  



Leo Americanus said...

I am sorry to hear about your problems with Omantel, but am absolutely tickled pink to read your frothy at the mouth, shouting, f-bomb using rant. I love it, I love it, I love it. Keep it up. Fight da powa. Fight da powa extreme... Just don't get yourself in trouble.

Kishor Cariappa said...

Check now, Blogger.com is accessible!

Muscato said...

And we're back! I can't hope that all our bitching had something to do with it, but I suppose you never know...

boxster said...

they felt your wrath, suburban :)

Kay said...

they probably didnt want the warth of bloggers heard and felt over the water supply crisis!

incompetent money sucking apes

Undercover Dragon said...

But the upside was they cured your writers block... perhaps this was the real reason all along... heh heh heh

Wonderful, wonderful rant Sub'.

And welcome back Leo. Where you at?

Suburban said...

Leo, Thanks. I love you man!

Kishore, Thanks for the tip.

Muscato, you never know. I suspect they never ever realised they had blocked it, and likely, never realised when they unblocked it.

Boxter- thanks for stoping by.

Kay- Best comment on my blog ever.

Dragon- Indeed it did. Thank you oh glorious enlightened beings at Omantel! thank you so very much!

Omanymous said...

hey sub ,

you give omantel too much credit by assuming they are trying to infringe on your rights to freedom of blogging!

i think they have no idea what they are doing .. and probably didnt even know they had blocked blogger ..

a while ago i had problems with accessing everything other than HTTPS sites and local sites and the guys at 1313 passed me over to someone from NCR to help me solve the problem .. they had no idea what was going on ..

Gmail, on the other hand seem to have problems from the source .. see link


OmaniesAreShitHeads said...

Allright allright Mr. MuscatiWhoKnowsEverything!!!!!!!

By this you are definitely making it clear that you work for for that mobile provider company. Well today i got news for ALL YOU IN HERE, never mind the hurricane, but:

OMANTEL, Oman Mobile and Oman Internet Services is just a bunch of bullshit. That is like the WORST Communication Provider you could ever had WORLD WIDE. THEY SHOULD BE VANISHED!!!!!! Only shitheads is working in that company, i feel very sorry for Oman. Such a Fuccked up country and got even more FUCCKED UP since omantel.

PEOPLE, i am very serois.. move out of that country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get to europe or something. I am arabic myself and i have had enough of Oman!
After all, it's just pakistanies and indian people that smells like shit who lives there. They smell, you got them as your neighbour, they work and are visible everywhere you go and you just cant get rid of that smell and that stupid language of theirs!!

kejfa halak, aywa atigek trag looooooooooooooooool YOU PUNK ASSS BITTCHES!!!!! FUUCCKK YOOOOUUU MOTHERFUUCKKERS AND YOUR COUNTRY and that hairy president of yours hahahahahhahahahaha assholes

Anonymous said...

Economic propaganda, in a seemingly developed country. MSN is now blocked, SKYPE is always f**kin blocked, GMAIL is far slower with voice chat

Anonymous said...

you notice how omantel website dont take feedback...

Alex B said...

Hey 'OmaniesAreShitHeads'.. Yes Omantel are not more than a bag of shit and fukin cheaters! but what you say about the Omani people makes you in that bag of shit with Omantel..!! Leave the country that feeds your children and family asshole, Omanis never welcome people like you, fly to Europe and let the governments and racism there fuck you up..!!

bejoy said...

hi folks i have lived in other gulf countries and found people of oman to be mannered and decent compared to the other arabs . money has got into their heads(other arabs). at least the omanis have realized thay've got to work to live and not depend on the govt for everything. the progress taht oman has seen in just 30 yrs is tremendous. the recent economic slow down world over was not affevted in oman as much as in dubai or other gulf countries . these guys have head on their shoulders three cheers to the people of oman. now about omantel they are really slow. it takes atleast a week to get your things done with them.

Anonymous said...

I have to say my experience over my 9 months here in Muscat has not been great. The Omanis initially come across as very friendly and supportive of us expats, however I have picked up a dangerous undertone particularly in the young men. I have had three occasions where a young man has tried to goad me in to a fight (once in a hotel bar and twice in a hotel gym!) - I am not the violent kind (always been a coward and run a mile at the first sign of trouble), but if I had responded as they would have liked then no doubt I would have been immediatel locked up and deported the next day - and I believe is where the problem lies.
Overall I would say that beyond the initial friendly facade, the Omanis hate expats and want us out.
A second thing I must mention is the standard of driving - the local and Indian drivers here are very poor and do unpredictable things - the culture here seems to go against people applying a 'better safe than sorry' approach.
And it is not particularly family friendly.
My view, then, is that it is a nice place for a couple of weeks in the sun but not as a long term expat posting assignment.
The pay has turned out not worth shipping out to Oman, as well.

samamry said...

plz dont abuse the pakistanies and say thme smely u shuld abuse ur country ur country role ur network and ur govermnt greedy mind ok i also abusing ur network its fukin all but what can we do nothing dude nothing just go from here

Anonymous said...

It's 2017 and telecommunications services in Oman are still shit and too expensive, as will as the infrastructure, the government laws etc... And guess what! There is no freedom of speech specially when speaking about the above.
Good going Oman, good going.