Friday, November 21, 2008

When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail

*this post talks about my sex life, you've been warned*

Stone is back, finally, following a two week business trip! To say I have missed him is a total understatement. By the last day I felt like I was loosing my mind.

It's been a busy month, with me being away for two weeks, a four day overlap at home, Stone going away for two weeks, and in four days I am off again for a four night business trip. I am not sayig sex is the most important thing in a marraige, but it's pretty close...

A month and a half with only eight days in the same country, things were getting pretty dire on the Nookie front. Even the funny smelling night watchman who doesn't speak english was starting to look pretty good. When you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

With my co-workers now temporarily free from sexual harassment, we can all turn to more important issues like turning a profit this month, maintaining the equipment, and forward logistical planning.

Did I fail to mention that I have a Job? Oh! hey! I have a Job! It is Awesome. I lovemy Job, and I really, really, really love my co-workers and boss. They swear at each other constantly, drink far too much, have a completley myopic view on the world, and seem hate everyone who is not One Of Us.

Truly, they are My People.

This is something of a suprise to me because whan I left my former life of glamour and intrigue, I honestly thought I could never be happy again. My life was over. (Cue: GNR November Rain)

Stone got so freaking sick of hearing me whine on and on about how there are no other people I could ever stand to work for, because "normal" people just don't get it. It had never occured to me that there are other feilds of employment where no one is normal, or even remotley sane.

My new boss and co workers are like family and I've only been with the company a month. I would gladly walk across hot coals for any of them, and I think they would do the same for me. The core team is a criminally insane French guy, and Omani guy who looks like an underwear model, An Omani woman who is brilliant and hard as nails, and an Antiopdean who tells dirty jokes and dances like John Travolta. I am home.

OK. that's all for now. More news as it happens.


boxster said...

What sort of business are you in? Sounds like you're into arms trading or something...

Bobby said...

Ah! I am the boss in my office! HAHA

Jet Driver said...


Any jobs going at your place?

Could do with a change from being constantly on edge, waiting for the next complete procedural meltdown from the chap sitting next to me.

What one of them tried to do yesterday, would ensure to thought twice about ever getting on a plane again!


Kay said...

Do you need a personal assistant?

Suburban said...

Boxter- Not arms trading. That would be a really interesting career. I would also really like to be an air traffic controller, because I would totally kick ass at that.

Bobby, Somebody has to be the boss, glad it's not me.

JD- if you are willing to take a massive cut in salary in return for being called totally offensive names during sixty hour work weeks, have we got a job for you. In exchange, you will get to drink a lot with really entertaining people and never, ever, ever have to deal with procedural crap again.

Kay- Yes we are, and it's waaaay better than being a PA! My office is the best one in the country. If you don't mind occasional manual labour, and can cope with being called names and working really unusual hours, send a email? Or I will get off my butt and email you, might be a fun diversion while you await the big corporate job.

Kay said...

Whats your email? I couldnt find it on your profile page.

Suburban said...

Kay! THen I'll get back to you from the business address.

I owe you a coffee or a Mojito anyway!


Anonymous said...

Lets talk more about the Omani who looks like an underwear model