Friday, December 5, 2008

General update with lots of pilots

Was anybody else listening to Oman FM yesterday morning around 10:00 am? They were playing a CD that must have been titled "80's rock classics by Pipes of Pan". Featured Tracks included Another One bites the dust by Queen, and Easy Lover, by Phil Collins.

Stone and I couldn't stop laughing, imagingin the Music Video that would accompany the songs, as well as imaginging the studio staff at Oman FM. Surely they are taking the piss. " Hey Nawaf, Pass the Bong, Mate!"

(Pipes of Pan, for those of you who don't know, are wind insturments favoured by Kaftan-wearing Hippies and Wollen-Poncho-Wearing Periuvian bands that stand on street corners worldwide performing for spare change.)

I had a blast at work in Dubai last week, through I arrived home completely shattered due to an ill-advised short cut attempt on the last night that left us stranded and broken down in soft sand for the better part of four hours. Given that the guy driving was possibly one of the world's most talented desert drivers, and the other guy was one of the world's greatest mechanics, we were feleing pretty stupid.

We were ultimately rescued at Five am by a kind Emirati who appeared out of nowhere proffering beer in plastic cups and the oppertunity to use his truck to winch ourselves out of the pit of sand. Less than an hour later, I was at Dubai Airport waiting for the Perpetually delayed EK morning flight to Muscat. Shattered, I was.

Termanal 3 at DXB is pretty nice, or what I saw of it as I was dashing through it to terminal One, where my flight actually departed from. There is perhaps some room for improvement in the signage department.

I slept through the take off and up until we were on approach to Muscat. The landing was interesting. We were coming in nice and easy, wheels down, and about 300 meters off the deck and parallell to the auto club when the engines rev up to a howl and all of a suden we are going up, up, up and hard right.

It was pretty funny watching the faces of the flight crew, who were trying to mask thier mild terror with reasuring tight lipped smiles and white knuckles. Half an hour later, we were on Approach again, this time the landing was totally uneventfull, excepting an impressive bounce or two when we hit the tarmac.

That's never happened to me on a flight before. It was actually sort of reassuring to know that they guys up front were happy enough when they felt uncomfortable with the approach that they just took us around for another pass. Mind you, I suppose we could have been approaching against the Active runway or something. That happened to my father once in Saudi, and it was my dad who pointed it out to the rather embarassed pilots.

On other matters related to Avaition: I had an interesting night out with a bunch of ex RAF pilots. The poor dears now fly A380's or 747's and seem quite bored. I also had a ride in a Helicopter while moving equipment around the desert. I don't think I will ever get tired of riding in helicopters.

Work is insanely busy. My So-Called part time job is nothing like part time. I'm having fun though, and am generally left to do things that I'm good at (Logistics), while not having to do things I suck at (accounting).

I got a new laptop yesterady. Please excuse the numerous typing errors as I get used to the new keypad. Next post will be about what a total pain in the ass it is to buy a computer in Muscat, and how Emax lost out on the chance to sell me an 800 RO lap top. I will also discuss the importance of a good touch pad, and my profound hatred of mice.

OK. I am going to have a nap now, as we stayed out waay to late enjoying the company of a couple of lovely new friends. Thanks Guys!


Muscato said...

Your panpipe experience sounds familiar; I was tooling along the motorway the other day and made the mistake of checking out 90.4. I spent the next three minutes listening in horror to the most appalling arrangement in history (think sixties backing choirs combined with seventies synthesized orchestra) of "Winter Wonderland".

Yes, there were "live" jingle bells and whip cracks...


Jet Driver said...



You had what is called a "go-around".
Great fun!
Lots of noise, and a pitch up and sometimes a lot of seat-clenching, gasping and screaming etc.

Usually done for something as mundane as the aircraft in front of you being unable to take-off, or also an "unstable approach" due to maybe wind or other factor.

All in all, another day at the office.


boxster said...

I think I speak for many when I say that we're jealous of your job: it keeps you away from blogging!

Suburban said...

Muscato- The christmas carols are truly horiffic. WHere do they find them???

JD- A Go-Round!!! thanks! It was pretty cool, and thankfully, nobody freaked out. I was hoping you would comment on this one!

Undercover Dragon said...

Welcome back Suburban!

I've been missing your daily adventures. But congratulations on the new job. It sounds a lot more fun than mine!!!