Monday, December 22, 2008

A Haiku, just for you

No Gmail, No blogger for me thanks to the internet cable cut. I am dying. It's a blessing in disguise, since the kids who are in university are home for the winter break, so the house if packed with hungry adolescents.
Here is my top ten list of things I am doing instead of blogging this week.
  • Dreading the GCC conference
  • Hanging out with my neglected children
  • Working harder than a Sherpa because my boss is out of town.
  • Still totally loving my new car.
  • Writing offensive Haiku poetry text messages to co workers*
  • Having excruciating meetings with idiots and perverts
  • Contemplating a fishing excursion with the family
  • Dreading the GCC conference
  • bottle feeding the neighbour's goats
  • Cooking, A lot.
Would post via proxy, but it's too freakin slow!  Hope to be back in the new year.  
A selection of Haiku I sent to coworkers this week.
I think You're funny
But Not in a Ha Ha Way
Like bugs, you scare me
Task accomplished, yet,
like a bad smell, you linger
Get off my shit, man
Naked, once again
it's akward when you change clothes
so hard not to look
Neither you or I
have interpersonal skills
at least I'm pretty
More from here soon.  


Angry In Oman said...

haha! Love it, pretty girl!

Undercover Dragon said...

Nice rhymes Suburban.. keep it up!

And Happy New year!!!!

Kay said...

The GCC summit traffic wasnt that bad actually. I think we anticipated it to be a lot worse but we were given enough warning plus schools and gov. employees were given the days off helped.

I wish they'd warn us ahead of time every time they plan on closing the highway for some vip