Saturday, January 17, 2009

General Update, House Moving Edition

We are Moving house! As I type, a small army of men in matching yellow shirts are wrapping and boxing all of our worldly posessions. Because we are highly disorganised, the move is complete Chaos, as any good move should be. I am happy to report that So far, I have only lost the Baby once, and My car keys twice. so far, so good.

We are using a different company than the last time we moved across town, and I am really impressed. Thus far, I can highly reccomend Writer relocations as professional, fast, and careful. Stay tuned for the final report.

The final Match of the gulf cup happens tonight, and I am genuinely looking forward to watching our team open up a can of Whup-ass and spray it all over the Saudis. Stone and I will go to watch it at our favorite local watering hole, a dodgy place where I am always the only woman present. This will likely be our last visit to the local dodgy bar, and I have to admit that I'll miss it, and the various weirdos who like to hang out there.

Speaking of final visits to places where weirdos hang out, I mad my last ever shopping trip to Lulu a couple of days ago. Belive me when I tell you I felt no nostalga whatsoever for Zoo-Lu, and the various folks who work / shop / hang out there.

Our final trip to Lulu has inspired a great idea for a post. The Other Oman Parking Lot Design Awards. The Good, The Bad, and The Brainless. Look for it Next week.

Other stuff, in no particular order;
  • I am really angry about everything that's going on in Gaza.
  • The Windsheild on my Truck Leaks! See! It isn't perfect!
  • I am thinking of doing another Used Car review post, because I really like cars.
  • Work is really interesting, and I'm starting a new company with my boss as a sideline to our current businesses. I was totally kidding myself when I thought this would be a part time gig.
  • I finally Sold "The Beast", my old rig that was damaged beyond repair in Cyclone Gonu. It's going to a friend of mine who has ten of them, and really loves the things. The Beast will live on in the form of spare parts for others like him. Rest in Peace Buddy.

More from here as it happens.


muscati said...

Writer, eh? I guess I passed by your house today. I saw a moving truck with Writer written on it and I thought "what a weird name for a company". :)

Anonymous said...

Yes please do another used car review - I just moved to Oman and as yet have no wheels, husband is pushing for a second hand beast of a 4x4 because well now he can and at home you'd want to be nuts.

3anooda said...

leaving town??

Suburban said...


You should have stopped for a coffee! Thinking baout it, I think the truck that moved our stuff was unmarked. So you might have really suprised some other family!

Anon- Used car review coming up next week. The Audi TT, LR3 and Hyundai Coupe.

3anooda- Just moving to a different neighbourhood. I couldn't take our area of Ghubra anymore.

house moving said...

Yes please do another used car review - I just moved to Oman and as yet have no wheels,
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