Sunday, January 11, 2009

General Update

It's been a pretty good week for the Suburban household.

  • On the car front, for two full days this week, 4 of our 5 cars were operational. This is an extrordinary ratio for us, and diserves celebration. The Abu Shenab spent two days in the shop, having the various remaining electrical gremlins from Gonu fixed, and the Heap of Jeep spent two days on the charger and eventually started in a cloud of blue exhaust. Both cars later succumbed to dead batteries. Hope to have the Abu Shenab running in time to celebrate the next Oman game in the Gulf Cup.
  • On the Neighbourhood front, we have found a new house in my old neighbourhood, and, wait for it,..... We're moving next week! The english language lacks the words to describe how happy I am about this turn of events.
  • Work is busy, and good.
  • I went clothes shopping last week. A task I hate with the passion of a thousand firey suns. In an hour and a half, I managed to find five pairs of jeans that I actually like, and seven shirts. With any luck, I will be able to avoid having to shop again for another year.
  • I have also sub-contracted the rest of my clothes shopping to my boss. We are the same size, but she is waaaay more stylish than me. Thus from now on, she will just buy two of everything. Other than the fact that it's a little creepy to want to be a clone of one's boss, it's a great idea.
  • I got in touch with my best friends from the wilderness years on Facebook. We've been posting albums on facebook, and my god, we were freaks. I can't belive I actually had a mohhawk. Most of my old friends still are freaks, marching to the beat of thier own drummer. Looking at them I feel like I've sold out.
  • My Work email is down today, and thus, I have time to post on my much neglected blog.

Coming soon, overheard in Muscat, Family Edition.


Undercover Dragon said...

Hey, Happy 2009 Suburban!

And congratulations. We expect daily reports on the move. I'm sure cultural insights will avail themselves!!


Abid said...

Happy new year!

Kay said...

Good luck moving! I hate - no loathe moving.

Did you have digital cameras back in highschool? or is everyone scanning pictures?