Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Moving related news

So, we are in the New House. In case you were wondering, it is Heaven. In three days, do you you know how many times someone has honked outside my house? Not once. You might also be interested to know that there has not been a single drag race down my street, no one has called my kids any horrible names, the Neighbours are friendly, there is enough parking for my cars, and nobody parks in my yard and throws thier trash all over the place. It's Suburban Bliss at it's finest.

I am exactly Seven Minutes from my office, and Stone is five minutes from his. I am Eight minutes from the Baby's preschool, and Four minutes from the big kids' Bus Stop. Civilised Grocery shopping is a mere twelve minutes away. I have calculated that the new house will save me close to Sixty hours a month of driving. I am really, really really happy.

This is not to say that the move has been an entirely stress free experience. For your reading pleasure, a few random thoughts inspired by the move.

  • You really don't appreciate underwear until you can't find it.
  • Why is it that the coffee pot, coffee filters and coffee grounds never get packed in the same box?
  • Where did we get all this crap? Seriously.
  • Children and Teens are a real pain in the ass to move with. Next move, I am going to send them away for a week.
  • The new house is about 1/5th the size of the old house. Logically, only about 1/5th of the rediculous amount of crap we own fits inside. Certain members of the family are accepting this situation better than others.
  • Our Housemaid's OCD is far, far, far, more severe than we ever imagined. Throwing out useless crap (our useless crap, not hers) appears to cause her actual physical pain. She has taken to storing all our garbage in her room. Stone has suggested that maybe we could get a group rate at the crazy people doctor.
  • I have been unpacking for three days now, and am only half way through the crap we own. One more truck load of crap arrives this afternoon. We are going to have a really big yard sale. Really, really, really big yard sale
  • Surrounded by useless crap, typing on my cardboard box "desk" I am seriously considering a conversion to Zen Buddhisim. Maybe I'll even become a monk. An empty room with a futon and one bowl is starting to look pretty good.
  • One of the best things about the Nawras 3G wireless router is that I have had unlimited internet access throughout the move. I have been able to keep on top of my work, even if that means I am checking emails from the bed of the Abu Shenab, while Stone is driving it.
  • I need to get some food in the house. The baby ate leftover curry for breakfast this morning.
  • I am so impressed with the guys from Writer Relocations, that I am going to email thier corporate HQ. They are really, really, really fantastic movers.

More from here as it happens.

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