Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Other Oman Automotive Awards

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's the Otheroman Automotive Awards!
Drum Roll Please!!!

Best Service Station Crew
Shell Station Al Ghubra, Near the Porsche Showroom
Best Gas Pump Attendants
Shell Station coming from Darsait R/A toward Muttrah
Best Oil Change
Salman, the Turkish guy at the Shell station opposite Zakhir Mall
Best Mechanic, Sports Cars
Charlie, Shanfari Automotive
Best Mechanical Team, Jeep and Land Rover
Gopi's guys, at the 4wd center in Wadi Kabir
Best Car Salesman
Hassan from Cars Dubai, Ghubra
Best Independant Spare Parts, Fighting the Man,
Tariq Al Kiyumi, Wadi Kabir
Best Spare Parts, Dealership
Shanfari Jeep, Al Khuwair
And, a few awards for those who have meen measured, and found wanting

Shop most likely to damage your car while in service
Ford, in Wattiyah
Shop most likely to Damage your car further while trying to repair the Initial Damage
Ford, Wattiyah
Shop most likely to fix the damages, but return the car without the radio antennna, and with globs of various shades of red paint from thier attempts to match the paint color all over the off-side fender
Ford, Wattiyah
Shop most likely to take twice as long to repair your car than estimated
Chevy service center, Ghala
Shop Most Likely to Temporarily Lose Your Car
Saud Bahwan Toyota, Wattayah
Most Annoying Sales Team, New Cars
Zubair Automotive, Chrysler Division
Most Annoying Sales Team, Used Cars
That dodgy place just up the hill from the Al Khuwair R/A


boxster said...

Even though I do not share your fascination with American cars, I have come to respect your love for and knowledge of automobiles. Therefore this to me is a very valuable post. You should charge your award winners referral fees: from now on I'll be servicing/shopping exclusively at the recommended vendors' and referring others in those directions too.

Muscato said...

Oh God. Don't get me started on the horror that is Toyota. The sales team is very smooth; maintenance, though? Like something out of the Keystone Kops, and behind that spectacular salesroom is a warren of hideousness that wouldn't be out of place in the backstreets of Calcutta or Lagos.

When my Toyota dies, if we're still here, we're going VW - a brilliant experience from start to finish.

RVB said...

Muscato: I agree on VW. It is a very good brand and their service is now super quick...... My friend gave his passat at 8AM and it was serviced and ready by noon. And no complaints post servicing :)

Anonymous said...

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Suburban said...

Boxter, Thanks!

Muscato, I couldn't agree more about toyota. Horriffic. THere is a huge gap in my knowlege where VW is concerned here, so thanks for the tip. I'll have to find an excuse to go and check them out.

Gargoyle said...

Lose your car? Seriously?

SPaksima said...

Great and very useful post! New to Muscat and not familiar with Wadi Kabir...is there an actual place called "4WD Center"? I'm looking for a good mechanic to check out an SUV I'm hoping to buy (Ford Expedition)...got any numbers and names you could refer me to? Thanks in advance...great blog BTW!

Amber said...

Hey SUb - a friend needs to get a car estimated before purchasing...should he go to one of the ones listed as mechanic...or is there someplace better for that kind of thing?