Monday, January 12, 2009

Overheard, in my house

The untinended consequences of Facebook
Adolescent#1: So these people on facebook were your friends in high school?
Me: Yeah.
Adolescent#1: You guys are freaks.
Me: Yeah...
Adolescent#1: (Pointing to a recent photo of peirced, tatooed, leather jacket wearing guy with three foot long hair) Who's that? He's really hot.
Me: That's Q, Nice guy.
Adolescent#1: How do you know him?
Me: We used to date.
Adolescent #1: So are you saying he's single now?
Me: This is seriously weird. Don't you have school work to do?

I Feel Nostalgic Whenever I drive through puddles of Raw Sewage

Guest: what the hell are they doing? The street is dug up in like, some sort of freaky ass zig zag pattern!!!
Adolescent#2: It's the wastewater project. They are installing sewers.
Guest: Seriously? I can't belive they are retroactively fitting sewers.
Adolescent#2: Yeah, like, we have had the oppertunity to develop the country from the ground up in the last 40 years, and we're only just now getting round to putting in Public Sewers.
Guest: Let's hear it guys! Give it up for the Romans!!!!!
Adolescent#2: Yeah, the Romans really had thier shit together...
Guest: ......Literally.

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