Sunday, January 4, 2009

Palestine and road deaths in Oman

Just a quick post, one which will no doubt make me really popular.

I wanted to draw your attantion to the current death toll up in Palestine. According to Al Jazeerah, (not to be confused with Al Jazeera) In the eight days since Israel began airstrikes agains Hamas in the Gaza strip, the current Death Toll at 440, (Associated Press estimates 480)Injuries at 2285. It is estimated that 25 percent of the deaths are innocent civillians.

There have been public demonstrations here in Oman, and pretty much world wide. The front pages of our papers are covered with images of wounded, bleeding innocent children. It is too sad for words.

However, I would like to point out that as yet, the number of deaths due to this latest War campaign by Israel, is about half the number of totally preventable road accident deaths we can be assured of this year in Oman.

Of those road deaths, 50% will constitute innocent civillians, EG passengers or other motorists who will be killed as a result of another party's reckless driving.

So can somebody tell me;
  • When are we going to see front page pictures of our own blood soaked children dying due to our own stupidity and the inexcusable inaction of the authourities?
  • When are we going to see angry protests and marches taking place in front of the ROP traffic department, and Ministry of Health demanding that they use thier power to help stop the carnage occuring on the roads here every day.
  • When is Essa Al Zedjali going to stop abusing his platform and front page space on his misguided, racist and moronic "viewpoints" and start turning his attention to the thousands of Omanis who will be killed or injured on Oman's roads in 2009
  • When is the Majlis Ashura council going to quit fucking around with indignant letters about our human trafficking record and start leaning on the ministries and ROP to enforce the road safety laws we already have?

Never, is my guess.


Angry In Oman said...

You are so right. It's pathetic really, that there's not more done. A car turned left in front of me today. I was in the 3rd lane out, he was in the 4th lane out.

It was super close and really scary. Fuckers. He was driving so fast I couldn't get a plate number, that and I was going straight on. The thing that kills me is that he could have pulled his little manoever behind me, because there were no other cars.

The cherry on the cake was that there were 2 cop cars at the intersection behind us. They did nothing. They probably weren't even paying attention.

It's so frustrating.

RVB said...

Suburban: Very well put! And I agree with your last statement that it is next to impossible to try and change something for the better in this country.

Lets keep our fingers crossed!!

Anonymous said...

Point well made. Thanks for the blog, it's one of my favourites. Keep those posts coming!

Anonymous said...

Both barrels - happy new year!!

Anonymous said...

sub - i dont deny that road accident deaths are a major issue.. but why do you compare them to what is happening is ghaza?

we cannot assume that its the same idioticness ... someone has to be more idiotic .. who is the King of the Idiots ?

Suburban said...

Thanks guys. Much appreciated comments everyone.

Omanymous, I'll respond to your personally, because you asked a really good question. Thanks for that.

The Palestinian crisis, and the astonishing lack of real or tangable support from the Arab League, the GCC, and muslims diserves about a million blog posts in itself. So I'll just focus on the Omani driving issue etc.. for this comment.

The point of the post is certainly not to detract from the events in Palestine, which kill me. Did you see the photo on the front page of the tribune today? The babies are all about the same age as my baby daughter. I'm outraged.

But I find equally outrageous the carnage and harm we are inflicting on ourselves through our driving habits and the pathetic lack of initiative from the authourities.

I am dissapointed in my fellow citizens who are willing to expend so muich energy hating the israel, agitating over the situation in Palestine, and holding raging public protests over an issue that realistically, we have little control over, and which our governments are doing as little as possible to resolve.

We are killing our own innocent children every day, but nobody gives a shit, because it would require placing the blame squarely at our own feet.

THe vast majority of road traffic accidents are easily preventable. And yet, nobody is willing to speak up. If even one tenth of the column inches of local newspapers were dedicated to hammering home the consequences of being an asshole, and driving like one on the roads, and if the ministires, Majlis as shura, and ROP were spent really, really, really enforcing the laws locally and protecting our children form the menace that is driving here, then I think we would have a leg to stand on when we exppress outrage over the Palesinian crisis.

But as it stands, our protests look flimsy, and hypocrytical because really we don't give a shit. About ourselves or anyone else.

Blah, blah, blah. just my 2 cents.

Thanks for asking a good question though. Honestly.

TI3GIB said...

What does Essa alZadjali's column have to do with anything. It's a space more than it is a platform and you asking him to right about a topic that interests you would be like me asking you to write, or not write, about something that concerns me.

The difference between us and the people in Palestine making the headlines is that we deserve to die of our stupidity, they don't deserve to die out of everybody else's.

Suburban said...


Thanks for commenting.

That's a nice sound bite, but your logic is pretty flawed.

I don't belive that Our/my kids diserve to die due to the inaction or stupidity of our government, fellow citizens and cowardly NGOs operating here.

The palestinian children don't diserve to die due to the stupidity of Thier government, Fellow citizens, Israel and the international community.

Innocent deaths are innocent deaths and we should be asking why we, and the people charged with running our country are not doing more on an issue where we could actually make a difference.

Our outrage looks like pathetic whining, and honestly, I half belive that we in the GCC and greater arab world are happy to watch the palestenians suffer for our own entertainment and job security.

TI3GIB said...

As much as I, as do you, want to fragment and cull the ourselves from "the community", that's not the way it works.

The actions brought or not brought by the community as a whole cannot be pinned down to the stupidity (for your concerns), or for the political indifference (for mine) for a community which the majority of which enjoys these statuses in.

Anonymous said...

Hi OO,

FYI - There are people who're trying to improve the road safety situation in Oman. Please see the link below.