Monday, March 2, 2009


Sorry for no the lack of promised updates / car reviews! I am really, really busy.

I love my job, I love my coworkers, and I love that each day brings a new adventure and that I can flex my skills in so many different areas. However, I did 60 hours last week at my "part time" job, and I'm looking at aother 60 hours this week.

I am suposed to be a mother to the kids, a best friend and lover to my husband, and a helpful daughter to my parents, but the only ting I have time to do right now is work, and beg my family to help out with both the housework and fend for themselves.

We've been thinking about hiring some (2-3) people to help out with the new arm of the business, as well as to take some pressure off of me and the boss on the day-to-day adventures of the main business.

Lots of friends (internet and non) have expressed interest in the jobs, and all of these people are eminently qualified. As an added bonus, because they are clearly smart, hardworking folks, they would not be total screw-ups, or the sort of lazy, mouth-breathing morons who seem to show up to every interview I have ever conducted here.

The thing is, I'm not entirely sure I want to expose my friends to my co-workers. I love my co-workers, and really enjoy working with / for them. But there is this one guy who is Bat-Shit Crazy, and a total asshole. A raging, screaming, nut-job asshole. And I don't really know if anyone wants to take the kind of abuse he dishes out without running to the labour courts, as happens with almost every single new recurit we have hired and a number of complete strangers with whom he has had altercations. Thus, I worry that my friends would not be my friends anymore after experiencing even one total mental meltdown from him.

Don't get me wrong, I adore Bat-shit-crazy guy, and like working for him! He is really, really really good at what he does. Also, having spent most of my chef career working for a deranged and drug addled psychopath, this is business as usual for me. But I don't know if anybody else would be willing to take the crap he dishes out.

But I neeeed to work less. argh. The solution, is to hire a total stranger, I guess, and keep cycling through new recruits until we find someone tough enough to deal with the day to day crazyness.

OK. clearly if I have anough time to write this blog post, i am not as busy as I would like to imagine. I'm such a knob sometimes. Gotta go.



Anonymous said...

Friends are a BAD idea for hiring them for your company.

To avoid frequent employee turnover, I suggest you stretch the interviews in 3 different parts,

1. Interview your potential canditates on phone first, 10-15 minutes tops. This will help you screen candidates on tone of voice, language skills, you will be able to find out if their brain really works instead of being disappointed calling them over and talking to them.

2. After you have screened them, call top 20-25 people depending on the nature of the job for an individual interview, test their decision making skills, give them small scenarios to solve, judge their body language while they talk to you, the way they walk towards the sitting area from the entrance, their eye contact, their expressions towards you and their surroundings. Note whether they are asking questions about the nature of business the organization is into, are they interested in this sort of business, are they asking about their career path with this organization. How long is he willing to work with this company (this is a very straight forward question and only a straight forward guy will answer it truthfully). What are their 3-5 year plans. Do they ask you about what growth opportunities can you offer them, etc. This interview should not be more than 35-45 minutes.

3. Shortlist 7-9 people from the 20-25 people you've interviewed, call them in again after 1-2 weeks for a panel interview (2-3 interviewers max). See how the guy works under pressure. Ask him/her about his/her expectations from the company, and tell him what the company expects from him. Ask him what type of a future is s/he looking forward to with this company, how can he prove his/her worth for the potential employer? How's s/he going to add value to the company's business and management and operational process with his/her knowledge?

Remember interviews 2-3 are supposed to be mutual discussions, not a one way interrogation session. Hopefully you will be able to select someone who fills up the criteria you have in mind.

Best of luck with your recruitment!

Amber said...

I respect sabihkhan's method...but in this particular case, I think you just want to hire someone who will get the job done. Wouldn't that be nice? I totally understand your reluctance to hire a friend, not because you won't be able to work together, but because they might not like the job due to the jerkwad. I would recommend just being upfront about this dude to them...that way if they decide to take it on and complain later, you can always say "I warned you!" and then your back is covered. They can't be mad at you or blame you in any way.

Chef? Why didn't I pick up on chef before? You wore it as a costume to your non-costume party.

Am I the only person that isn't aware of your culinary pursuits? I feel really stupid right now.

Muscato said...

I kind of know where you're coming from, but I have to call you on the justification that because your friend/colleague is brilliant, he gets to get away with being an idiot in the workplace. I've worked in some of the highest-stress places I can think of, and I've always had one rule: no screamers. You yell at me, I go home and wait for your telephoned apology; if on top of it, you used vulgar language, you have to be real nice to get me to consider coming back.

In twenty years, I've only had to do it twice, and it worked like a charm both times. Even the biggest geniuses are under an obligation to be civil, if they want to have good, non-masochistic/non-enabling employees for more than a couple days at a time.

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