Sunday, May 31, 2009

Animals everywhere.

As Smattering of wildlife related news from here:


  • About three weeks before we moved, our cat Velcro went missing. We were all pretty sad about it. Although he wasn't a very good cat, he was the cat we had.
  • As of last week, we have a new cat. She's small, cute, friendly, and really really soft. She just showed up on our back porch one day. We have named her Spandex. That cracks me up.
  • Driving through Qurum, near the Crowne Plaza a few nights ago, we saw a pack of at least 20 Wadi Dogs cross the road. I'm sure they're harmless, but I was glad I was in the car and not walking.
  • We found a giant scorpion crawling along the back porch wall last week. Giant as in 4 inches head to tail, and totally creepy and disgusting. Stone trapped it, but then we didn't know what to do next so we stuck it in the freezer overnight. We were pretty sure it was dead the next morning, but decided better safe than sorry so we ran it through the garbage disposal in case it came back to life and attacked us in our sleep or something.


  • The toddler has an ear infection. No fun.
  • One of the teenagers continues to be a completely outrageous pain in the ass. She has a right to privacy so I'll spare her the embarrassment of having her behavior published here. But she's a pain in the ass.


  • I think it's time that the ROP or Ministry of Creating Stupid-Ass Rules (MCSAR) repealed the law about expats owning pickups. If you have to resort to attempting to control the Labor market by making laws like that, maybe someone else should be in charge.
  • While we're at it, perhaps MCSAR could alter the law that you need permission from the ROP before you can paint your car a different color.
  • And also the law that you need approval from both the Ministry of Information and the Muscat Municipality before you can have anything printed, even if it's for distribution overseas. In the end, I had most of the stuff printed in Dubai.

More from here soon, and sorry for the Lame-O post.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Would you eat this?

Shopping at Al Fair makes me want to cry. Honest to god, I have never seen such staggering incompetence in Supermarket management / staffing in my entire life. It would appear that not a single person in thier management chain has any concept of food saftey, product rotation, or inventory management. How they have managed not to be shut down by the authourities for health code violations is beyond me.

Today like every other time I shop there, I saw:
  • Frozen foods not frozen
  • Moldy, soggy vegitables
  • Spoiled meat
  • canned goods waaaaay beyond thier sell-by date
  • And the Deli Offerings.... Words Fail me.

Have a look at the picture below: What you are seeing is a bowl of Artichoke hearts, completley covered in mould, with the ones at the bottom beginning to decompose in a bubbling froth of bacteria. When I was in the store yesterday, the artichokes were the same, and the spoon was in exactly the same location, with exactly the same smear of artichoke shmutz on it. Unbeliveable, and Dangerous.

The Seafood salad wasn't fairing much better, and the olives were mouldy too.

Trying to buy anything from the deli makes me want to reach across the counter and strangle the idiotic, lazy, rude girls behind the counter. I stood for five minutes in front of the Deli cabinet, hoping to tell them about the Artichokes, while they gossiped, toaked on thier phones, and flirted, pausing twice to lecture the Indian Baker on something or other. Can someone tell me where they find girls like this? Under rocks? Beauty School Drop outs? I finally tracked down the manager, who was kind and receptive to my feedback on the mold matter.

So, Spinneys? Al Fair? Want to hire a consultant? I'll work for 10% of the money I can save you if you'll let me restructure your ordering, stock rotation, and train your absolutley usless staff. If you give me free reign, I'll also increase your sales, reduce employee turnover, and lessen the odds that you'll kill someone through gross neglence. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

In Honor of International Press Freedom Day

Did you guys know it's World Press Freedom Day?

Essa Al Zadjali, (Editor in Chief, and Owner of the Times of Oman) has excercized his right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press by publishing what is, quite possibly, his craziest "Viewpoint" article yet.

According to Essa, This whole Piracy nonsense was set up by the Jews to shut down the shipping lanes through the Suez Canal, thereby Financially Choking an already poor Egypt, and destabilizing THE ENTIRE ARAB WORLD!!!!!

The Editor in Chief of the Biggest English Language Newspaper Belives that Somali Pirates are actually part of a greater conspiracy by the Evil, Zionist Jews and the Evil Western Media. Why didn't I think of that? It's so obvious!

Israel is the main culprit behind piracy
Essa bin Mohammed Al Zedjali

A GREAT number of Arab writers and political analysts have not only accused Israel of sponsoring piracy activities that have recently been on the rise along the coast of Somalia but have also expressed their fears about the role of world powers in dramatising and internationalising the issue of security on the Red Sea in a way that gives Israel ample scope to further its own interests in the region.

The truth is that the Horn of Africa has not just been afflicted by the attacks of a few disparate marauders who surface randomly and try to make a fast buck through ransom. They are, in fact, orchestrated according to a definite strategy to control the navigation on the Red Sea.

The Western media has worked flat out trying to make us believe that a motley bunch of lawbreakers are behind the piracy activities and their aim is nothing beyond getting ransom.

The events on the Somali waters point to an Israeli hand, especially in globalising the issue of security of the Red Sea. The apprehensions raised to this effect are indeed legitimate, particularly when we take into account the theory of Israeli
security which is predicated on the idea of a Greater Israel extending from River Nile to the Euphrates as mentioned in the Protocols of Zion. This pernicious idea preoccupies the mind of each and every Israeli politician regardless of his party or the official statements he makes. Israeli politicians still believe in this theory and dream of making it a reality one day.....

Interested readers can read the rest of the tirade on the times of Oman Website, HERE

I want you all to Join me in applauding Essa Al Zedjali, Editor in Chief of the Times of Oman, for using front page space, on World Press Freedom Day to help spread ingnornace and hatred throughout the world with his Crazed, Psychotic, Paranoid rant on the evils of Israeli/Somali Piracy.

If he can write and publish these sort of lies and conspiracy on the front page of his newspaper here, then we really do have some astounding press freedoms.

What an ass.

I also want to know how anybody manages to meet him at a conference / dinner and shake his hand with a straight face. I couldn't.

Thanks to Muscati and Pinaki for the Link