Sunday, May 3, 2009

In Honor of International Press Freedom Day

Did you guys know it's World Press Freedom Day?

Essa Al Zadjali, (Editor in Chief, and Owner of the Times of Oman) has excercized his right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press by publishing what is, quite possibly, his craziest "Viewpoint" article yet.

According to Essa, This whole Piracy nonsense was set up by the Jews to shut down the shipping lanes through the Suez Canal, thereby Financially Choking an already poor Egypt, and destabilizing THE ENTIRE ARAB WORLD!!!!!

The Editor in Chief of the Biggest English Language Newspaper Belives that Somali Pirates are actually part of a greater conspiracy by the Evil, Zionist Jews and the Evil Western Media. Why didn't I think of that? It's so obvious!

Israel is the main culprit behind piracy
Essa bin Mohammed Al Zedjali

A GREAT number of Arab writers and political analysts have not only accused Israel of sponsoring piracy activities that have recently been on the rise along the coast of Somalia but have also expressed their fears about the role of world powers in dramatising and internationalising the issue of security on the Red Sea in a way that gives Israel ample scope to further its own interests in the region.

The truth is that the Horn of Africa has not just been afflicted by the attacks of a few disparate marauders who surface randomly and try to make a fast buck through ransom. They are, in fact, orchestrated according to a definite strategy to control the navigation on the Red Sea.

The Western media has worked flat out trying to make us believe that a motley bunch of lawbreakers are behind the piracy activities and their aim is nothing beyond getting ransom.

The events on the Somali waters point to an Israeli hand, especially in globalising the issue of security of the Red Sea. The apprehensions raised to this effect are indeed legitimate, particularly when we take into account the theory of Israeli
security which is predicated on the idea of a Greater Israel extending from River Nile to the Euphrates as mentioned in the Protocols of Zion. This pernicious idea preoccupies the mind of each and every Israeli politician regardless of his party or the official statements he makes. Israeli politicians still believe in this theory and dream of making it a reality one day.....

Interested readers can read the rest of the tirade on the times of Oman Website, HERE

I want you all to Join me in applauding Essa Al Zedjali, Editor in Chief of the Times of Oman, for using front page space, on World Press Freedom Day to help spread ingnornace and hatred throughout the world with his Crazed, Psychotic, Paranoid rant on the evils of Israeli/Somali Piracy.

If he can write and publish these sort of lies and conspiracy on the front page of his newspaper here, then we really do have some astounding press freedoms.

What an ass.

I also want to know how anybody manages to meet him at a conference / dinner and shake his hand with a straight face. I couldn't.

Thanks to Muscati and Pinaki for the Link


Anonymous said...

If this were anywhere else in the world, I would think that ol' Essa was a parody, somebody's ridiculous idea of how the worst kind of idiot ideologue living in this region might think.

You neglect - in pointing out the egregious stuff like citing the Protocols - my favorite part of every Viewpoint column, the call for Arab unity that always ends his hapless screeds. Yeah, that's gonna happen....

grass is green said...

It is really a joke on those who call themselves journalists. And it not even an April Fool joke. It actually reflects the distorted thinking of this man who has passed his prime.

L_Oman said...

Ahhh, I started reading that article then proceeded to throw the paper in the trash.

Anonymous said...

You're someone else who spreads ignorance and hatred via the written word - or is that different because its you who's doing it?

Suburban said...


Your comments and incisive, fact-based criticisims have cut me to the core.

I'm weeping into my martini. Honestly.

Kisses, Suburban.

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Renjith said...

Hi Suburban..that post about Essa's editorial is wonderful..I think the majority (or atleast those who are SANE and not blinded by religious fanatism)will agree with what u have written...these people will even say that the Tsunamis and the twin tower attacks are all carried by Israelis...

Anonymous said...

Before jump, think twice:

Chinmay Chaudhuri, Designation Editor, Times of Oman. He is all in all of this newspaper house. He can kick out any body and pull any body in, doesn’t matter his/her label of experience. In addition, he proudly announces that in the shop floor with a loud voice.
Step jump would be always positive if you have confident about the end-result and on your self.
Mr. Chinmay worked with Oman Tribune (not more than a year). He left (kicked out) from there and joined Gulf News daily newspaper as a Financial Writer. After few months, he kicked up from that newspaper also. After that, some how he hypnotizes the top management of his current employer with his fake profile and managed to capture the Editorial post.

Now the question is, “How he will manage the professionals?”

I am a professional artist, illustrator, and designer. I worked with various media (digital and print) in India. I joined here as an illustrator, Cartoonist and consultant designer.
As an editorial cartoonist everyday morning I used to go and try to consult with editor for his valuable political perspective. However, he refused to provide me any thing. Instead of providing me any kind of political stand, he tries to give me the knowledge about composition and style of illustration. But I know I am good enough in that area.

Times of Oman have lot of good reporter and desk team with ex-Reuters, ex-Times of India, ex-Financial Express India, ex-Outlook Express. Those people are highly dissatisfied and bored. In addition, this is natural, if the editor is like that how a professional can accept good work environment.

A senior reporter asked to editor “I don’t have data, so how can I make it bigger?”
Editor replied, “Copy something from a famous rival newspaper and pest it somewhere inside and make it bigger.”

Same type of incident happened with the other reporter also. In his/her case, editor asked to copy pest from famous search engine.

One more thing happened with me. This is height of every thing.
October 31, 2009 news published all over the world that, “Karzai Rival Said to Be Planning to Quit Runoff (New York Times)”. In addition, the very next day November 01, 2009 the news was published throughout the world that, “the election was canceled. Mr. Abdullah Abdullah quitted the election.”

However, my respected editor published an editorial cartoon on the top of editorial page about Second round election of Afghanistan.
If anybody did that, at any of the world newspaper or media, he/she must be sack.

This incident is very similar with Reuter’s photographer Mr. Adnan Hajj’s incident. People know what Reuter did with Mr. Adnan.

However, we want best of luck for our respected Editor for his carrier. In addition, thank you for giving us a good lesson. That is “Don’t jump steps, go up properly, other wise…..”