Sunday, June 28, 2009

When everything seems right

Stone took me to the Chedi last weekend. We stayed in a Suite, got a couple's spa treatment, and sat around in the enormous bath until we were giant pink raisins.

Saturday Morning, Tariq stopped by with a hard-to-find spare part and an invitation to come up to the family farm next week.

I went to the ROP in Qurm yesterday, and was called by name by everyone I dealt with. I got a hug from Aisha, the teller in the Ladies line. I completed the last details for the color-change for one of the company cars in under 15 minutes.

I took the baby down to the ocean today, and she and I swam in bathwater-warm water and rolling waves for an hour. Then we chased crabs and climed around the cliffs by the water's edge.

When we got home, Khalifa, our company PRO stopped by for a coffee and a chat. He made me laugh so hard I almost peed on myself.

It's days like this that make me so happy to live here, and so lucky to have such wonderful people around me.

Crankyness and bitching to resume tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good to have you back! Keep them posts coming now. ;)

Kapil said...


I like the last line :D

smallest-Fry said...

I love to hear you so happy.... Hope there are many more days like this to come. ALthough, I must admit that I enjoy your cranky-comedy a little too much, so i do hope there'll be an installment of that soon too. xx