Friday, July 3, 2009

DC shoes Rallying Sponsorship

This is the slickest bit of Motorsport related film I've seen in ages.

Watch it from beginning to end, and keep in mind that Rallying is effectively unknown in the United States. If sponsors here were as proactive as DC shoes and sportswear, we wouldn't see the likes of Ahmed Al Harthy, Hamed al Wahaibi, and Nizar Shanfari suffering for lack of funds, and we'd have a lot more top-class racers coming up through the ranks.



Sythe said...

Oh that's like my commute to work :)

Great video though, that guy can drift.

hnd said...

Great video - he was on Top Gear in the UK last night (Sunday) giving Captain Slow (James May) the fright of his life lol

Have you seen this one:

Ken Block is all over google btw ...