Thursday, July 9, 2009

Overheard in Muscat, ROP Edition

Ok then, how about KicksAss?
Rop Guy: So Renewal Iqaama?
Me: Yeah
ROP Guy: Smile! (takes picture) You want to change your last name?
Me: What?
ROP Guy: Do you want to change your name? (hands me my card, pointing to where my name is spelled out)
Me: Hmmm... How about HH Al Said?
ROP Guy: (laughing) Not that.

No, Really. I can even explain Baseball.
ROP Guy: You are Saudi!
Me: I'm American
ROP Guy: But really you are Saudi. (big smile)
Me: American. See? I have an American Passport.
ROP Guy: But, Why? (stamping my passport )
Me: I like Beer, and I like to drive.
ROP Guy: (Matter-of factly) Yes, That is good. Mabrook.

Getting your car inspected here is always interesting
ROP Guy: Nice car! V8?
Me: Yeah, I love it
ROP Guy: Where are you from?
Me: Mostly America
Rop Guy: I like Bacon!
Me: Good to know...?

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Undercover Dragon said...

"I like bacon"....