Monday, October 19, 2009

Local Humour

Just a quick one today, I want to encourage you to read a really witty local blog.

It's written by what I assume to be a long-term western expat couple, one of whom is a really talented cartoonist. The wit is Dry, dry, dry, occasionally self depracating, and the entries are generally bite-sized. Also, they would appear to know how to spell, which will make delightful reading to those who usually cringe at my hideous spelling.

Start with this post: essential reading for every muscat resident. I have printed off the diagram and stuck it to my office wall.

Then go to the blog and read the rest.

In other news, my big kids are in town for the week, so look for an upcoming post "from the mouths of Babes"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are too kind, Suburban. I'm just about to start a few weeks leave to take two consecutive sets of visitors to the usual places. Can't wait to go back to the mountains, desert and beach, but I'm going to have a tantrum if we go to Nizwa again.