Monday, October 26, 2009

My First Tweet Up!

This is a quick one, because in like 13 hours I am supposed to be at the airport to go to Abudhabi to work my other Job for a week.

Yes, Funemployment was brief, but enjoyable.

So I hosted a minor tweet up at my place. 4 of the smartest, classiest, sanest people I have ever met came by my house and graciously listened to me rant and rave for like, 3 hours. They even brought Pizza, and Cake. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed a chance to talk to a group of people who sort of live on the same planet as me, and to have like, the first REAL conversation I've had in six months.

I discovered a few things:
  • Strange internet people are really nice.
  • I like Pizza from Pizza Inn
  • That apparently, many people think I am Omani. What a complement!
  • I did not need to down two giant galsses of Wine in order to calm my nerves
  • I did not to drink a further two glasses of wine to facilitate my ability to talk to strangers.
  • That I really have some opinions on Omanisation, and that maybe I had better put into a blog post, if only to spare everyone from another hour long rant on the fobiles of the government.
  • That I can fearlessly host a larger Bloggger / twitter gathering, and not have a nervous breakdown at the prospect of facing so many scary unknown people.

In Summary: it was all good! Hi5!

OK. Many many Many thanks to @Alucard187 @blue_chi @sbtm77 @kifa7 You guys are fantastic.


Blue_Chi said...

Suburban, it was really fun to meet you and Stone! We had a great time!!

Yes, strange internet people are really nice! :P

Kay said...

Thank you once again for having us at your home! Sorry I couldnt stay longer.

Enjoy your trip to AD I'm suppppper jealous you are going to see Kings of Leon! Going to be expecting a tshirt or half a mint ;-)


Sangeetha Sridhar said...

We want another one after your return from AD pl.

Anonymous said...

From another strange Internet person. Just posted 'Transport in Oman - part II' for your delectation.