Saturday, October 24, 2009

Putting the Fun in Unemployment

That's right Bitches, I'm Funemployed.

I am so Funemployed that I am typing this wearing nothing but boxer shorts and a tiara*. I drank champaigne for breakfast this morning* and tonight I'm going to buy a high powered sports car*, and then go skydiving* and make love to George Clooney*. Because that's what Funemployment is all about.

I chucked in my job on Thursday, which was a genuinely a heartbreaking decision as I really loved the work itself, my boss was among my best friends, and I really do like working.

Why would I choose to throw away my best mate and a fantastic job? Do you guys remember six months ago when I wrote about the crazy guy I work with? No? You can read it here:

This isn't the place to go into details, but things with Crazy Guy just kept getting crazier and crazier. I Should have taken Muscato's advice Waaay back in March, because he was totally correct. Live and learn.

I am now accepting suggestions with what I should do with my newfound 40+ hours a week of spare time. Maybe I should take a class? Buy another used car? Work on my tan? Stone suggests that I think about cooking my goddamn husband dinner once in a while.

So that's what's new with me. What's new with you guys?

*none of that is true, but it could be, because when you are Funemployed you can do whatever you want.


Anonymous said...

Nice that you have the luxury of affording unemployment.

-Omani in US

Suburban said...

No Joke. Pretty much everybody I know is in a totally different situation. I never dreamed I would be as lucky as I am.

Muscato said...

Oh dear. What a bore. Or an opportunity. I never could stand screamers, and I think if nothing else you'll find your stress levels down.

How about cooking lessons? Anybody who could take four or five maids at a time and turn them into good plain cooks could make some money off grateful employers. Or go higher end and offer something to occupy the time of all those Shatti Shirleys (and Qurum Quentins) with too much time on their hands!

Amber said...

a maid training school. I need one of those...

Sorry about the situation. You'll find something to keep you occupied.