Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Play Dough Nazis

Quick one today, as I am operating on a eight-day build up of Hangovers and Sleep Deprivation. Abu Dhabi Was waaaay more wonderful than I had imagined, and I have about seventeen posts worth of material to share. It was an outrageous time.

When I picked the kid up from school today, I was testily greeted by the head teacher for her year, informing me that the week I was gone was my week for the Play Dough Rota. My Failure to deliver two giant batches of Homemade Play dough while Simultaneously being in another country running the biggest Motorsport event the region has ever seen, clearly reflects that I am not interested in my child's education, and am a disorganised fuckwit to boot.
Our Conversation this morning went something like this:

Bossy Teacher: I sent a note home with Pebbles this week. It was your week to make the Play dough.
Me: Sorry, I've been up in Abu Dhabi all week.
Bossy Teacher: Well, you didn't tell me.
Me: Yeah, I didn't think I had to clear my work travel with you.
Bossy Teacher: Well, we had to get someone else to make the playdough, and it's really important that the kids have playdough.
Me: I'm sorry but Stone was too busy to make it, I was out of town, and frankly, I have better things to do with my time than make play Dough. I'll buy some from the shop and bring it in tomorrow.
Bossy Teacher: No. The stuff from the shop isn't as good.
Me: Riiiight.

The play Dough Rota, for those of you who have yet to discover the joys of sending your kid to an overpriced nursery, is rota decreed by the gods of education, and designed specifically to annoy the hell out of working mothers who have better shit to do with their time than trying to impress Bossy Nursery teachers.

I do Did not have the time to shop for, make, and clean up the mess from Play Dough. Given that we're paying a goddamn king's ransom for a 3 year old kid to attend what is, effectively, a playgroup, I would not think that it would kill them to possibly outsource the Play dough making to a local catering company or maybe just march their shit down to Sultan center and Buy some freaking playdough.

Additionally, I suppose I am extra prickly because at this time 48 hours ago I was staring at famous people and helping to manage the racing worlds most important series, and today, I am being harangued by a nursery teacher about Play Dough. It would seem I am suffering from a case of work whiplash.

More tomorrow.


Muscato said...

"Work whiplash" - now there's a phrase to treasure and to store away for future use. Been there, done that, for sure.

Undercover Dragon said...

Wow. Nice job Suburban.

And keep giving those teachers hell. They get like 3 months of vacation time too...

L_Oman said...

I say make a massive butt-load of the stuff, rainbow effect and dump it on her desk. She'll be mortified that you mixed the colors. She'll never ask for freaking play-doh again.

fred_says said...

Write a letter of complaint to the Headteacher. Name & shame the school so that future parents can decide if they really want to pay 1000 OMR a year for Nursery that respects their customer (as that is what you are) this little.

Jet Driver said...
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Jet Driver said...


I would make some Semtex.

It looks very much like Play Dough and the kids will find it much more fun - especially combined with some batteries and duct tape.

Let them test it on the teacher using an old chair and some more duct tape.

Then, you can sleep better knowing that you have further streamlined the education system by having play-time combined with a biology, chemistry and kinetic physics lesson.


the met office said...

Ref: why teachers prefer home made play dough. I figure that just like so much else these days, store bought anything, including play dough, has been manufactured in China by the same folks who bring us toxic baby formula, milk, concrete, plaster board and so much more.
Probably no parent anywhere on the planet would want their kids to play with / eat play dough made in China.
Thus the teachers' desire for home-made play dough.
Probably the idea of getting parents to concoct the stuff comes from some text book in the college of education at Wheaton-Rice University -- the idea being: help the parents bond-with / engage-with thier school-bound kid.

Sid said...

You managed the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. That is so awesome! Being present at the Singapore GP was in itself was a high for me.

You must have had a simply awesome time! Please, please some more posts on that.