Friday, January 15, 2010

General News update

The months of December, January and February are gorgeous in Oman. It makes the summer heat, incompetent government entities and the insane driving seem like a distant bad dream. These are the days when living here seems like paradise on earth with each salty, sandy, sun kissed day melting into the next. Even the traffic has been better lately, excepting on the days when it rains.

Things have been busy over the last couple of months. Something about the weather getting cooler, Second Eid, and the Christmas school breaks makes everyone want to go out more, and socialize more. So, what have we been up to lately? A Lot.

Most interestingly; We were burglarized two weeks ago. The robbers popped a lock on the back door, and took my laptop, the DVD player, and Stone's 50" flat screen television. We were in the house, asleep at the time. According to the ROP, robberies have been going on like Wildfire all over Muscat. There were six in our neighborhood alone last week.

If you happen to see a used 50" Panasonic Plasma for sale in Muscat. do let me or the ROP know, as it's probably mine.

Yes, we have gone through all the formalities, and had the house dusted for prints. The ROP kept asking us stuff like "do you know any indians?" "Is your gardener Indian?" "have you had any indians inside the house lately?" "Indians definately did this"... How fucking racist is that? Seriously?

Stone is gutted about the loss of his pride and joy. Condolences can be addressed to and I'll pass them along to him.

My Friend Moadth called up as soon as he heard and when I answered he said "So let me get this straight, you buy a house in Detroit, and you get robbed in Oman? That is Hilarious!!!" I told him he'd better be careful or I'd see to it that his mom marries him off to his ugliest cousin. Touche'

Moving on... From the Suburban is totally incapable of interacting with other adults like a normal person file:
  • I went to a big Tweet-Up on national day. During the planning stage there was a lot of discussion regarding wearing Omani national dress to the tweet up. I agonized about which region and which era to style my costume around. At the end I chose to go as a modern young Omani Woman, complete with my favorite shirt dress, killer heels, antique Bedouin jewelry, makeup, ridiculous camel-hump hair and multiple layers of Stylee Shayla. I was, of course, the only person who dressed up in costume. I looked like an absolute tool. However I must point out that everyone was super nice to me anyway, despite thinking inside their heads that I was, without a doubt, TOTALLY BATSHIT CRAZY.
  • At my new Job last week, my boss leaned over to me and said "so, is Stone taking care of Business..??" And I was all, "Hell yeah! Stone takes care of business every morning. Why do you think I was late today?" and my new boss was like "Um...That is good to know, but what I meant was, is Stone in the office today. Like is he still on vacation?" ...TOTALLY AWKWARD.
In general news:

Just like every year, we hosted a big Christmas day lunch for friends, family and neighbors. This year's event was smaller than year's past when we have has 25-35 people over. Smaller was better, and a lot less work for me. Christmas isn't a religious holiday for us, but we do love playing Santa and spending time with the people we care the most about. Santa brought stockings and presents for everybody, and we had a great mix of nationalities, ages, and backgrounds. It was really cool.

Does anybody want a really cute pet kitten? We have three that need good homes. They are litter box trained and really great with small children. Also, they are extraordinarily cute. We will pay to have them spayed and vaccinated.

Muscat has been attacked by a Plague of Flies. They are everywhere. They are disgusting.

And that's all the news that's fit to print. More from here soon.


Muscato said...

OMG the flies. It's definitely a plague. AND for the first time ever we have mosquitos at the house. Totally blame the rain.

Visitors from the UAE passed on a pretty good fly-cure - line an ashtray or other small bowl with tin foil, put in a couple of spoonfuls of Turkish coffee powder, and light it (it will catch easily with just a lighter).

The smoke - which is very mild if not particularly coffee-smelling - reduces their presence within a couple of meters by about 90%. It was a hoot persuading the staff at the Bustan (glam brunch) to give it a try, but it works.

And, of course, glad to hear that Stone is so industrious. Mabrouk on that, if not on the party - although I'm sure the bigbump shayla was a great success...

Suburban said...

I can report that your advice on the turkish coffee is fantastic! Thank you so much!

Amber said...

oh a robbery by indians! my my. My bets are on the phillipino maids...just kidding. Seriously, I'm so sorry about the is difficult to feel safe after something like that.

SHall I send a paypal donation to convey my condolences?

And what is the deal with you and constumes? You must LOVE to dress up. Chef and modern day omani diva? Which was the most fun?

Suburban said...

THanks for the nice comment Amber,

I don't know what the deal is with me and showing up in the wrong outfit everywhere. Maybe because I really love costume parties? Halloween is like, the best holiday ever.