Sunday, January 24, 2010

More stuff to do with your Toddler in Muscat

Toddlers are cute, but they are also a huge pain in the ass to keep entertained, while not clawing your own eyes out from boredom. Weekends can be especially bad, particularly if one's spouse is both hungry and hungover from the previous nights adventures. What's a parent to do?

Fear not, Stone and I have discovered the best thing in the world to do on a weekend with toddlers and Small Children in Muscat. It's called Marina Bander Rowdah and it's located on the road between Muttrah and the Al Bustan. There is no membership fee, and you can use the pool and facilities for the price of a meal. It's a friendly place, and really family oriented. The waiters are great with the kid, and we have spent hours watching boats coming and going, or looking at the fish that flit around in the waters of the marina.

On an average weekend we can show up at around Noon, sit in the restaurant area around the pool, slap some water wings on the kid and watch her play happily for hours in the pool and with other kids. The menu offers something for everyone, and the waiters bring it to you poolside. It would appear that the English Breakfast is really popular, I believe it's the only place in muscat that serves Black pudding on the menu. The Marina also has a full liquor license, so you can enjoy a cold beer or a gin and tonic as you while away the afternoon.

The whole vibe is relaxed and family friendly, it's a great place to meet people if you are new to town. The clientèle is predominantly Western Expat, with roughly 25-35 % being Omani families and the occasional group of young adults or weekend fishermen sipping a beer in the corner.

On a weekday, it's worth grabbing a few friends who have kids the same age, and taking the kids for a visit to the lovely Aquariums (with real turtles!) at the ministry next door, and then moseying over to the Marina for lunch and playtime.

See you there.

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Peeking Duck said...

Aren't you worried about infections your kid could get from the pool?