Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Other Oman Alternative Restaurant Awards

Ladies and gentlemen, The Other Oman Alternative Restaurant Awards! Suck this Apex!

Most Authentic Cuisine in an Astonishingly Unlikely Location
Tokyo Taro Japanese Restaurant, Al Falaj Hotel, Ruwi

Best Shwarma
Death Valley Shwarma, next to the Al Maha Station / southern expressway

Best (and so addictive it will change your life) Korean Kimchi
Narjeel Thai restaurant, inside ASAS hotel, Qurm

restaurant where you are most likely to die of old age before being served
Japengo, Love Road, Al Qurm

Best Dumpster Cats under the tables
Pizza Express patio, Shatti Al Qurm

Best Waitress
Rumhi, at the secret upstairs bar above O Sole'Mio, Jawharat al Shatti

Bossiest Waitress
Rumhi, at the secret upstairs bar above O Sole'Mio, Jawharat al Shatti
"no, you don't want that. you want this. it's much better. Trust me"
She's never been wrong

Best Waiter
VJ, Trader Vic's Intercontinental Hotel, Al Qurm

Best Spicy Potato Ball Breakfast Thingies
Zanzibar Island Restaurant, North AL Ghubra, below the Shell station

Most Improved Restaurant
The Restaurant, Chedi Hotel, Al Ghubra

Best Fish and Chips
Left Bank, Al Qurm

Snootiest crowd of not very attractive people who think they are beautiful and important
Left Bank, Al Qurm

Best Place to have a Fist Fight and a not very good steak
Rock Bottom Bar and Restaurant, Ramee guestline Hotel, Qurm

Out of a box franchise most like to fail, and deservingly so
5th avenue "deli" Madinat Sultan Qaboos

Best Indian
Passage to India, Bait Hattat, Wadi adai R/A

Best Caesar Salad
Trader Vic's Intercontinental Hotel, Al Qurm

Best Dive Bar to take your wife to
Sun-Set bar, Bausher hotel, Al Ghubra R/A

Best Dive bar not to take your wife to
The bar in the holiday inn, Ghala, labor camp district

Best Restaurant for Kids
The blue marlin, Marina Bandar Al Rawdah, Sidab

Best imported Franchise from Dubai
Noodle House, Muscat City Center

Best Chinese
The Chinese restaurant in the hotel next to the Ramee Guestline, Al Qurm

Best Fish Soup
Fisherman's Lodge, Al Qurm, near Al Qurm Private school

Best Mixed Mezze and Fresh Bread
Turkish house, Al Khuwair

Best Matre'd / Assistant Manager
Maqbool, Musandaam cafe, Intercontinental hotel.

Best Meshaltat
Al Omdah Pastry, Al Ghubra

Worst Italian food with the best staff
La Bella, MCC and QCC

Restaurant most likely not to be able to cook or understand a request for poached eggs despite their explicit presence on the menu. TIE!
Flavours, Airport road, Azaiba
and PDO coffee shop, Ras Al Hamra, Qurm

Most inexplicable lack of brewed coffee in an international coffee shop chain
Costa coffee, various locations


Sythe said...

Two comments here:

1. Too right about 5th Avenue deli. Totally ridiculous that place. Amazed it's still open.

2. Whats Meshaltat?

Good awards!

Oman Restaurants said...

ahhhh - more places to try - thanks

the service in so many places is glacial - in fact its sooo slow that in the 'Garden Coffee' shop (yes there used to be a garden there) in the Car Park next to Bank Sohar Qurm that after waiting to pay for probably 10mins - we walked out - they didn’t miss that we had gone - we got in the car - drove around it TWICE - parked - hooted the horn - and waited till the guy came - and only then did he remember were were his long forgotten table xx

Chedi - only time I went, chipped plates, swarms of flies and the sound of bags being rolled through to guests rooms - needs a lot to get me back

TCAI (if that’s right ) indifferent food but eye to eye with the strollers on Love Road a place to be seen

try one of the very wonderful places in Shuwaymiah for authentic Sub-Continent

Noodle House - what a treat - wish it were in Qurm

Blewyn said...

Passage to India better than Woodlands !? Surely you jest ! Haven't tried the Copper Chimney/Kettle (whichever it is called) either.....


Blewyn said...

There are restaurants in Shuweimiyah ? Really ? All I've ever seen there is a beach, a few fishing boats and the big villa that apparently belong to a Kuwaiti. is there another Shuweimiyah ?

boxster said...

My fav is about the snootiest wannabees at LB.

Do you notice that there's no seafood category? It is amazing that this country, which supplies both Dubai and Abu Dhabi with seafood does not itself have a decent place to consume the gifts of the sea, let alone a few different ones to compete.

Muscato said...

May I add an unexpected pleasant surprise? We had lunch today in the lobby restaurant at the Park Inn (having hoped that maybe the roof served sandwiches, and then not having the energy to go anywhere else when informed otherwise).

Anyway - it was startlingly good. Fresh, interesting salads (including the best mixed greens I've seen anywhere here); nice, varied, and well-cooked mains (really fab szechuan beef, good lamb tagine, etc.); and delicious desserts. All of was well presented, and the staff were, by local standards, stunningly professional. And it all came to 8 RO a head.

Frankly, I liked it better than any hotel buffet except maybe Samba on a really good day...

And your choices? All, from what I know, spot on. Although I really like the Chinese in the Wadi Center (unlicensed, alas), and can't get the better half to go back to O Sole Mio after a bad experience three years ago...

Oman Restaurants said...

ah yes - Park Inn - on the roof it does quite acceptable appitizers - with beverages - and a view - can't understand why they can't haul up a main meal from the ground floor but there you go

in Shuwaymiah village (away from the Kuwaiti palace) - a very authentic Bengali and amazing service at one Indian opposite

Suburban said...

Sythe, Meshaltat is pizza dough tossed in oil and stretched until it's so thin you can see through it. then you smear your fillings on it, fold it up, and bake it in an insanely hot oven until it's crispy and all the layers are crisp and chewy. It's like an Egyptian Croissant. It is also the best thing in the world. Especially the kraft and honey.

- Oman Restaurants- Yeah it's a looong list for glacial service. By the way, Nice speaking to you today, looking forward to seeing you at the house after February.

Blewin- I really like the bread at woodlands, but I like the curries and Dhal at Passage to india more.

Boxter- yeah, I just have not found anywhere that treats seafood with the kind of love it diserves. Good point. Shame really.

Muscato- I will have to try it out! We were kind of unimpressed with the RBG grill next door, but the salads were really good. and the Cinese at Wadi center is also excellent.

THanks for the comments guys!

Stimulus said...

Thanks for the info! Glad I got to see this post...

Anonymous said...

Where is this Shawerma lace you speak of?

Which location?

Suburban said...


It's the MQ location, I think the place is called 5 stars trading, or silver stars trading. It's home of the ORIGINAL toasted Muscat Shwarma.