Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sheikh Issa

Sheik Issa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has been acquitted of Torture, rape, and many other unpleasant things by a court in Abu Dhabi. How disappointing, and acutely embarrassing for the UAE, and Arabs everywhere.

I'm speechless.


Anonymous said...

It appears that the Sheikh was drugged (by people who were not present in court) – and was in no state to know what he was doing. The Sheikh is pictured (presumably undrugged) in this BBC article . The article says that several other men were shown, along with the apparently drugged Sheikh, in a video beating a hapless person. Apparently one of the assailants was in uniform of the security forces; one can only assume that they were all drugged otherwise they would have restrained the drugged Sheikh, wouldn’t they?

The MET Office said...

Well, presumably -- in view of Abu Dhabi saying so publicly in ads on the tele : "Travellers Welcome" --Abu Dhabi will put this menace / torturer under house arrest anyway to ensure the safety of travellers who venture into Abu Dhabi. Clearly, given that the torturer's behaviour was 'drug induced' and I figure he is likely still taking those meds / drugs, he's going to be a potential menace to everyone in the UAE.
I would hope further, that at minimum, other countries on the planet would add his name to their no-fly lists cause he sounds too unstable to be allowed out of his house / out of the UAE.

Angry In Oman said...

And no drugs charges for this guy eh?

I thought being on drugs in UAE was a life sentence?