Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stolen Nissan Exterra

Update: The car has been recovered thanks to an alert Twitterer and Blogger! Great Job!

The Crime here is getting ridiculous.

We have had at least seven break-ins in our neighborhood alone, in the last three weeks. In the Last two months, 2 families with whom we are personally acquainted have had their cars stolen.

See Below for the forwarded email from some friends who have just had their new Exterra Nicked. Please keep your eyes peeled?

last night our house was broken into and the thief found a set of keys, and stole our 2009 Xterra Off Road. The truck has been modified by Tadmur Auto in Sharjah, with a custom skid plate, bigger tires, a lift and new suspension, so it is easy to spot.

Thank God the ROP are doing everything they can to reduce crime by hassling my housemaids and threatening arrest if they don't produce labor cards, and accusing any random Indian who has ever been in our house of robbery, simply on the Basis that they are Indian. The words that come to mind are unpublishable, even here.

Lock your doors guys, and keep your car keys somewhere safe.


Anonymous said...


Where are all these break-ins happening ? Ghubra....MQ ??


Suburban said...

They are happening all over. Mine, however and the ones I am referring to, were all in Qurm.