Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bahwan Toyota are Muppets

Not that this is news to anyone who has had the extreme displeasure of dealing with their service department.

Nor is it news to anyone who has tried to get a reasonable price on a hard to find spare part for a car that is a whopping 8 years old, the difficulty of which leading me to believe that perhaps I asked for the Holy Grail and not a mass produced, available anywhere else on earth, steering box.

But that's not what I'm talking about today. What I'm talking about today is the ongoing and expanding recall of various Toyota Cars in the US, Europe and Now it seems, The Middle East. According to Arabian Business

A massive recall of Toyota Motor Corp vehicles could extend to the Middle East after the carmaker admitted a number of the affected models, 2005-2010 year Avalons and 2009-2010 year Sequoias, had been shipped from the US for sale in the region.The rapidly widening recall, currently thought to affect more than 4.4 million cars, follows news of a possible fault in which the accelerator can get stuck in a depressed position preventing the driver from slowing down.In a statement Toyota said the fault – which is thought to be caused by worn accelerator pedal mechanisms – affecting cars in North America, Europe and China was unlikely to occur in the Middle East because of the difference in climate. No further details were given.
Bahwan Toyota has been on the record in all the papers for a week now saying that there are no cars in the sultanate subject to a recall. Everything is fine and rosy here thank you very much. Really, guys? How sure are you? Sure enough that you are willing to risk the lives of your present and future customers? I don't know who manages their PR, but they should find someone better.

Difference in climate? I'm not an expert on cars, and it's plausable, but what if you live in Salalah, Rust Capital of the GCC? Or Jabal Akhdar, where things are generally a bit nippier, and the roads will shake the shit out of your car?

What if you are drive one of the thousands of Grey-Market US export Toyotas on our roads? There are thousands EX-US cars cars on our roads, many of them already of questionable integrity. Don't believe me? Got a lot of spare time? Read This:

Most importantly, what if you are just concerned for the welfare of your family, and would like someone with some expert knowledge to check out your accelerator, free of charge, just to be sure?

Too bad, Bahwan knows best. Pitiful.


The Restless Quill said...

Hi. I commented sometime ago but had to take it away due to, well, odd reasons. Am doing a story for my paper. Could you send me an email address that I can write in to so that I can tell you more details. Thanks.

Suburban said...

I think I emailed you on your gmail, but you can also reach me at otheroman@gmail.com

Steve said...

It may not be much comfort to you at this juncture, but you can get holy grails in Muttrah souq: www.livinginoman.com/2009/11/ill-tell-him-weve-already-got-one.html

three peas said...

Why do you think no one's picked up on that in ROP? I know the road safety poster says it all (hilarious! and also very sad) butI still wonder if it's that people don't want to mess with major Bahwan wasta, or simply that those people working in relevant positions of traffic safety just don't read the news . It's sometimes hard to tell if things like this are caused by genuine lack of knowledge or plain indifference, or a good mix of both.

three peas said...

And just seen this: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2010/feb/02/faulty-cars-recalled-toyota-reputation

Anonymous said...

Oman has the highest accident rates in the world yet the country. Local Authorities need to clarify this global issue for the safety of its citizens and residents. Given the clout that SBA enjoys in the business community in Oman, This issue will be buried to rest sooner or later.

Clayton Povo said...

I was doing some research on Toyota recalling cars, well i have this incident to narrate that happened 2 hrs back. My dad and my brother were driving in Ghubra, Oman when suddenly the car accelerated and Dad tried applying the brakes but they just didn't apply, so they hit a car in the front and the car kept moving forward at that moment my bother who was in the Passenger seat pulled the hand brakes, the car spun at that moment. Not much damage to the car but here the funny part, after the incident when they drove home. it worked fine, the brakes seems normal.

please write to me at claytonpovo@gmail.com for any advise.