Sunday, March 14, 2010

General stuff from here

First off, regarding my last post about the little girl drowning at Marina Bandar Rawdah on Friday. My Blog got an unprecedented amount of traffic yesterday, by like a factor of ten. Either because we all like to watch a car crash, or because we are all amazed at how easy it is to accidently kill a kid in a pool, I don't know. I have received some feedback, in the form of polite emails that the woman in the Abaya who performed CPR on the girl was not Omani, but British, and that the kid's lips were not that blue when the paramedics scooped her up, and that I was remiss in not naming the nationality of the kid that drowned.

If there were omissions or mistakes in my account of what happened, I sincerely oppologise. In my defense, this is a Personal Weblog, not a medical journal, and I am not a professional journalist, I'm just a mom, who writes a blog. What I saw and observed were my observations alone, and different people, who were closer to the action, will have differing accounts of what happened.

None of this changes the fact that there is a kid in a Coma, who was repeatedly failed by the people who should have kept her safe, especially her Parents, but also the unprepared, un-equipped, untrained Marina management, and nearby adults, myself included.

Moving on to less interesting, but slightly more positive stuff, a few random thoughts regarding the Kids, and Stone.

Yesterday, the kid skipped her nap, and instead spent the afternoon playing outside on the water-slide with a visiting friend. How lovely that she is finally old enough to have friends, and even lovelier that unlike me at her age, she actually HAS friends. One can only assume she got her charm and confidence from Stone.

You may remember when I blogged about people who go over speed bumps like they are in a Lamborghini even though they drive a Honda accord? Well, in the interest of transparency, you should know that Stone is one of those guys who creeps over the really big speed bumps at 2kmh at a 45 degree angle. In his defense, although we do not own a Lamborghini (Yet?) he does drive a low slung sports car and the crappy Ruwi-Special exhaust scrapes if he doesn't. I need to buy him a proper exhaust system for his birthday. Or maybe a 2010 Camero.

On a Similar vein, you might be interested to know that should Stone and I ever divorce, or Murder one another in a fit of rage, the dispute will, without a doubt, have begun over the issue of where to park. Stone likes to park close in, even if it means that I have to climb out the window because of the skinny space he's wedged us into. It drives me crazy, the big kids and I even have a song we sing when stone is parking. To the tune of the Missing Persons smash hit "Walking in LA" we sing "Walking when you're Stone, Walking when you're Sto-one... No-Body Walks When you're Stone!" We think we are hilarious.

Our Son is returning from his overseas academic adventures in three week's time. I cannot begin to tell you how highly his return is being anticipated. His little sister is over the moon.

My Mom made Brazilian Black beans and rice with Farofa, and hearts of palm salad for dinner on friday. It was Wicked Good. Don't-Cha wish your Mommy could cook like mine? Don't Cha'?

And in news of Technology, I am the proud and happy owner of a brand New HTC Nexus 1 Phone, or Google phone to all you noobs out there. It is so pretty, and so expensive, and so complex, and does all this stuff I can't even dream of understanding, that I am afraid to turn it on. It's sitting in it's box, staring at me right now. Help.

That's it from here, more soon.


Amber said...

"I'm just a mom, who writes a blog." You are SO MUCH more than that. You are intelligent and witty and you have a warm heart...which was exhibited in your last post. I don't know why people are so nitpicky. It is YOUR blog and YOUR perspective.

AND, since you blocked the last post from comments...I'll do it here (I know - you don't have to post it!)...I wanted you to know how very sorry I am about the entire situation and know how haunting these kinds of experiences can be. I hope you can come to terms with your feelings soon. See? I did it without blame or anything sugary sweet and crappy.

I REALLY want a muscle car, by the way. My dad used to race them and I've seen a few pictures. And I've always wanted to be in the drivers seat, and hear that engine and feel the power and then leave everyone in the dust. There are a few cars that "look" like them in this one parking lot that are for sale...but my husband assures me they aren't real and are just kits that people put together. They definitely look like 60's 70's...I'm too unknowledgeable to know though. I just know they are pretty and look fast. I need your expertise.

Anonymous said...

The unprecedented traffic to your post on Friday may have been due in part (with your indirect permission via your/my friend who found the girl in the pool) to me and one or 2 other Mums posting your account on our Facebook profiles. We did this to alert parents to how easy it is to miss someone in difficulties water. It has been a huge wake up call to all of us not to be complacent around water, even with older kids who can swim competently.

Respect to you for posting this honest account and prayers for the poor girl and her family.

the MET office said...

Yes, Sub urban. I agree w Amber. U R sew much more than 'just ' an anything.

I am so glad you wrote about the sad event at the pool. Healthy children are such a gift. We all (esp. parents) need to be constantly vigilant.

Suburban said...

Amber, Anon, Met,

Thanks so much for your lovely, supportive comments. You are far too kind.

Anon- You are right! when I looked at the traffic, about 60% of the extra traffic came from facebook, and the rest from google searches for "Drowning Oman" etc..

Thanks a lot for sharing the post, as I think there are a lot of lessons to be learned from the event. I still can't believe it played out like it did.

Sid said...

You got a Nexus One and thinking of getting a Camaro. That is really awesome!
I'm sure the phone is not that confusing, at least it shouldn't be since it's from Google. I have an iPhone myself and absolutely love it.
But the best use of these phones is when there is 3G and always on super-fast internet which I am sure Omantel/Nawras/Renni whatever can't even dream of providing!