Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Local Media Highlights

Boring Post today, as I'm packing for a weekend in Abu Dhabi, Working the Aussie V8 meeting. I really need a dose of Vroom. I'll try to take pictures and write down some notes so I can blog about it when I get back.

Just a couple of Local Print media and Blogging highlights for you to chew on over the weekend.

First Up, local weekly rag Y ran an article about a child being the victim of a hit and run by a Quad Biker on Athaiba beach last week. They are appealing for anyone with information about it to come forward. I am really getting fed up with the menace that Quad biking kids and young adults are posing on the roads and on the beaches. It's really sad and cowardly that the ROP and other authorities are doing nothing about it. It's not particularly surprising, given what happened the last time the ROP tried to stop a couple of kids on Quad Bikes.

For those of you who are not familiar with the story, A few years ago two teenage kids were racing on Quad bikes, and the ROP tried to stop them. The kids ran, and the ROP gave chase. In thier haste to escape, the kids on the Quads blew through a red light, and were killed instantly by a big car driven by (oh, The Irony) another unlicensed Teenager joyriding. It was tragic for the parents and families of everyone concerned. Bur guess what, The ROP guys were the ones blamed for the accident, not the adults who allowed the kids unsupervised access to the Quads.

It's time to require Manditory registration and Liscencing for Quad Bikes, and time for the ROP to pull their collective fingers out of their asses and start enforcing the law.

A silver star to Muscat Daily for being the only Media outlet in Oman to attempt to publish something factual regarding the Toyota Recall, and if it affects cars here in Oman. I believe they even got a Waffley quote from some guy from Bahwan. Now, to get your gold star, publist the obvious article expressing some outrage at the lack of communication coming from Bahwan regarding the recalls. Bahwan Deserves a hard slap.

Next up, an unhappy journalist or editor from Muscat Daily Lashes out at Muscat Confidential after being criticized for running PR drivel under her own Byline on the FRONT PAGE. I am deeply amused... Hand Bags at 20 paces ladies.

Lastly, the Times Of Oman, a newspaper known mostly for it's mediocrity, nut-ball letters to the editor, and anti Zionist rants from the Editor in Chief has gone and done something really fantastic. They have interviewed a bunch of local bloggers including many who have been critical of TOO in the past, and discusses (Very Gently) the concept of personal freedom of expression, and Blogging as a source of information. I'm genuinely proud of the reporter, who I think took a big risk in writing the two part article. I think the second part will be published tomorrow.

And from the I am an Asshole Department: Despite my frequent rants regarding the quality of press releases and corporate drivel published verbatim in the papers here, some of you might be interested to know that the Drivel-tastic press release I sent out last week was picked up by a Whopping NO ONE. Yes, I am enjoying my humble pie, thanks for asking.

Have a great weekend Muscat. Look after the place while I'm gone.


Nadia said...

The Other Oman? The?

For the first time in my 26 years on this planet, I am actually going to go out and BUY a copy of the Times of Oman

Great article. Waiting for part 2.

Anonymous said...

Toyota recalls. hmmm, I have a story for you! How does an SBG boycott of your business sound for starters!

Anonymous said...

Its strange that children can drive on unlicensed motor bikes, no lights, brakes,helmets - on the main roads of Muscat
has the law been recently changed for adults cars about
licensing, insurance, lights, brakes, seat belts ?

Suburban said...

Nadia, I had never even thought of it that way, but maybe I should take it as divine guidance, and really write about THE other Oman.

Anon, LOL. Fair point, but I think that's cowardly. They have a legitimate safety issue, and it would be great to see the press being an advocate for consumers rights. How about if I bought Advertising space on behalf of concerned toyota owners asking SBG to address the issue? Half a page would do.

Yeah, it's mostly because they are RICH KIDS, so it's best to overlook the issue because somebody important might get their Wizzar in a twist. If it was all the rage with poor indian kids, you can bet your ass that the Police would be doing something about it.

The Restless Quill said...
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Anonymous said...

About the press release, just wanted to let you know that it came too late and that was the only reason it didn't get picked up, and not because of the quality of it. We love press releases.