Saturday, February 6, 2010

On the precipice

After spending almost my entire adult life here, the time has come to pack up and leave for different pastures. We have had a good run here in Oman. This is where I met Stone, where I had the most amazing career ever, where I became a wife and a mother.

As you have no doubt guessed already, Stone's career takes the lead in our relationship. This is a good thing, because if it was up to me to provide for our family, we would most likely starve. Stone being an Expat White Guy, he works for an international organization that likes to move their assets around the world periodically. This is also a good thing, because just by marrying him, I also get to live all over the world, on the company dime. Not a bad gig, really; the corporation is my motor-home.

So this week, we are beginning the process of relocating elsewhere. Tonight, Stone is going to come home from the office with a list of possible jobs and possible locations and we're going to decide which ones to apply for. Half of me feels like it's the right thing to do, that the time has come, that we need to get out before we become as fantastically jaded and racist as some other long-term Expats. The other half feels like, maybe we are just making headway, like we've finally settled, and like maybe we should stay, because this is home. My family and friends are here.

I have plenty of time to get my head around this, the earliest possible move date would be all the way in May, and more likely, August. I wonder if my perspective on the everyday annoyances will change somewhat knowing that they will soon be replaced by new and different annoyances. Time will tell.

I fear this is about to become a blog about the satanic people in Human resources, and the fun of packing. Stay tuned.


James said...

Best of luck, I will miss your stories of Oman but maybe you'll continue blogging about your new home?

Steve said...

After five years, we’re also counting down the days until my wife’s next holiday somewhere further east and closer to the equator. Hope you’ve been saving if you’re taking your cats.....

Delirious in the Desert said...

Nooooooooooo :(
Who will fight crime when you are gone?

On a serious note, all the best to you and Stone no matter what you decide and doubt we will be reading another candid blog from your new residence.

All the best!

Undercover Dragon said...


Sad to hear. Your blog posts were a salient feature of the Omani Bloggosphere. Observant, insightful, and just plain fucking hilarious.

Don't go? Get Stone to work month on month off!!!

Just a suggestion.


three peas said...

Dragon said it all. Would a public petition help? :)

hnd said...

Will really miss you and your blog - as James said, perhaps you'll blog about your new home ... please let us know.

BTW loved your previous about shitpee wipes - so, so applies to where we live :-)