Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Open Letter to Young Men in Inexpensive Cars

Subject: Speed Bumps

Dear Young Man in a Clapped Out Toyota Corolla,

Driving over every speed bump in a painstakingly slow manner, while crossing into opposing traffic to complete your undercarriage saving Zig Zag Maneuver, is totally unnecessary given that your car has at least a foot of ground clearance from the wheels.

Driving a POS Sedan like that does not say "My other car is a Lamborghini." It says "I am a tosser with even less money than I have brains." Please modify your driving habits accordingly.

Kindest Regards,

Your friends at Other Oman.


Anonymous said...

Would it be totallt illegal to tell us his number plate? I swear I won't kill him.........

This time.

James said...

Whilst I am fully with you on this one, I would like to hear the reason that caused it to surface at this particular moment.
My other favorite manouver is driving on the wrong side of the road and cutting diagonally across on coming traffic whilst entering a side road blindly.

3peas said...

What really confuses me is the big landcruisers/prados/etc that do the same manouvre on speedbumps. Why on earth is that necessary?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, all of the above plus driving against oncoming traffic so they don't go through a tiny puddle and get their car wet. Why do they do that?! It's really stupid.
Cap'n Jack

Sythe said...

I've said it before in a comment on this very blog, and I'll say it again!

They like it smooooooooooth baby!

Bouncy is bad. Smooth is good.


Anonymous said...


-Omani in US

L_Oman said...

Well, if you remember, Al-Hub and I had the same thing happen going uphill on the PDO up-hill, windy road. It just so happned it was a poe-poe off duty. Wearing his Egyptian pajama dress. We passed him and he had almost 100% el-cheapo tinted windows on his mini-hooptie. He thought he was the $hit and ended up ruining our day at the club.

Suburban said...

Thanks for the comments! THe thing that set it off was following some guy up Fouhood street as hw crawled over all 20 million speed bumps sideways. It took like 20 minutes.

LOman!!! Where have you Been Girl???