Sunday, February 28, 2010

Toddler Photography

When Stone and I went to Detroit in November, we purchased a Fisher-Price Digital Camera for the kid. It cost something horrendous, like $45 USD but that's a lot cheaper than replacing her grandfather's Nikon D80. Designed so any 2 year old can understand and use it, It's made of Sturdy, water resistant and shock-proof rubber and plastic, and has survived a few trips down the stairs.

Best of all, It did not come with some sort of totally fucking stupid disney-tastic crap software for downloading the photos. I use a USB cable, and treat it like a memory card. It's perfect.

The quality of the photos leaves a lot to be desired, but it's been fascinating seeing what the kid has been taking photos of, and seeing how she sees the world. She takes about 200 photos a week, the self portraits are the most interesting. Below are a few example's from this week's pictures.

Things That are Important to a 3 Year Old: A Triptych


The Television

The Rocking Horse "Flicka"

Our Second Series Highlights things you see a lot of when you are Two Feet tall.

Legs and Feet: a Visual Journey into the World of Toddlers

And to conclude our Exhibition:
The Most Important Things in the Entire World;
A photographic essay on Unwanted Wadi Cats.

If you have a Toddler, I cannot recommend highly enough the purchase of a Kid-Safe digital camera. We have had an Absolute Blast with it.

More From here soon.


Kristi said...

My brother gave my oldest two digital cameras last year. The pictures of the rug, the legs of the chairs, the skylights and the people were hilarious. It's amazing the faces adults will make to a camera when they think it is fake.

Sythe said...

Those are some brilliant pictures!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

OMG this is so cute ^^ Lovely pics!!

hnd said...

WOT? No cowboy boots?

Letha Jose said...

Lovely pics, you must save them...kid's going to love it a few years from now. My younger one's eight now and has had her own camera since she was three. Last year she graduated to her second digital camera, a Casio Exilim, which she uses almost everyday. Both my husband and I work, but every evening we feel blessed to be able to be part of the little things at home while we were away through our li'l madam's short video essays through the day.