Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Children's Museum in Muscat

Today, a quick post about about the Children's Museum in Qurm, But first, one final piece of housekeeping regarding the Friday's Drowning at the Marina.

If there are any witnesses who were at the marina when the little girl drowned, and who would be willing to speak to a journalist, can you please email me your contact details so I can pass them on? Accuracy is key to good coverage, and good coverage will lead to changes, as well as hopefully, justice for the little girl. Otheroman@gmail.com Thanks in advance.

The Children's Museum: I have been taking the kid to the children's museum once or twice a month for quite a while now. It costs like 300 Baiza for the two of us, and we generally have a blast. We usually have the place entirely to ourselves, although today there were two other families there.

The Exhibits are generally aimed at the 6-12 age group, however my 3 year old really enjoys the place. Although most of what we talk about goes over her head, some of it is sinking in already. Her favorite things are the shadow room, the hot air Balloon, and the awesome, hands-on diorama of the human body. She can name all the major organs now, and even explain what most of them do. Neat!

The children's museum is located in those two dome shaped thingies in Qurm, at the bottom of the hill where Mumtaz Mahal and Left Bank are located. It's open mornings, from like 08:30 to 13:30.

We usually follow up a trip to the Museum with lunch at either Pane Caldo, in Shatti (Excellent Children's Menu) or, if I feel the need to spend truly vast quantities of my husband's money, a trip to Cafe Ceramiqe in Al Araimi complex.

Andy In Oman did a really thorough blog post about what's on offer at the Museum, you can read his take on it here. He took a lot of pictures.


James said...

It's a great place but such a shame that the opening hours are so short. The Sultan's Armed Forces Museum is open all day Thursday and on Fridays which makes for perfect timing for working parents.
I haven't been for a while, but last time many of the exhibits were broken, have they been fixed??

Andrew Brown said...

Hey Suburban,

Thanks for the link and mention! Yes, I went CRAZY with the pics. Who knows if I'll ever be back, so I wanted to cover just what is in there for people in case they were curious.
Blessings to you and yours!

Suburban said...

James- It is great, isn't it? I think 3 of the exhibits were broken today, which seems about standard. I think they operate on an extremely limited budget.

-Andy, My pleasure. Thanks for documenting so many things in Muscat that I am too Lazy to do properly. I loved your Really Overtight Pants post BTW. We printed it off and stuck it to the refrigerator.

Anonymous said...

Yep the Children's Museum is fantastic. My kids (4 year olds) both love it there.