Monday, March 22, 2010

How Awesome are my Readers?

Totally Awesome and, obviously, people with excellent taste. Also, all of my readers are devastatingly beautiful. Studies have shown that reading otheroman makes you more beautiful.

So, get this, within 24 hours of posting my totally stuck-up sounding request for information about Texas in Genral, and Houston Specifically, I got 4 lengthy replies from nice Texans, or nice people who have lived in Texas and survived it.

For Real. Isn't that Amazing?

Thank you to Kristi, Brian, Michael and Alice! Your delightful, open minded, and honest advice is fantastic. I really cannot thank you enough, except to extend a personal invitation to come eat Arugula salad, mexican food, and drink Microbrews with us in Houston anytime. I promise not to wear my Barack Obama shirt, or act like a major twat. I'm really different in person, I swear.

I'm off to the UAE tonight for 12 days and 11 nights of fast cars, good friends, helicopters, crazy medics, 3,000 k of driving, sleep deprivation, sand dunes, one gala dinner, and a cowboys and Indians themed party.

I'll try and post intermittently, dependant upon having adequate satellite internet facilities this year.

Look after the place while I'm gone?


Anonymous said...

Wish you a safe trip back to Oman!

Amjad said...

Houston is the largest and bluest city in Texas. They elected an openly lesbian mayor, for God's sake.

I like Texas. Every single part of it. The most liberal parts, and even the most conservative parts. As you already know, I study in Texas, west Texas in particular, in the 2nd most conservative city in the entire United States, and I still love it, and find the ultra conservative people of the city very welcoming even though I'm a complete stranger and share a different faith than them. I just don't like the weather here in west Texas (very windy and cold), but in Houston, it's beautiful, especially in winter. In summer, it's ugly, but since you're used to Oman's weather, you won't have any problems. Houston gets as humid as Oman in summer.

The beaches are like 30 minutes drive from downtown Houston if I'm not mistaken! The nicest place to live in Houston is the Galleria area. My brother lived there for a year, and I loved the place when I visited him.

Everyone in Texas is extremely friendly. But in big cities like Houston and Dallas, everyone tends to mind their own business. They're not rude, but they just mind their own business. But if you decide to live in the suburbs, I guess you'll find friendly people who like to get together with their neighbors.

Anonymous said...

another reason why you should move to texas