Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Random

Some Random questions for today. This is a slightly boring post, but do watch the video, the interesting bit is at the end.

Answers, if you have any, in the comments section or direct to me at

  • Why is the kid not napping anymore?
  • As a follow up, how long do you think it will be before I loose my mind?
  • My tailor has had my favorite shirt for a month and a half now, and still has not copied it. Is she trying to tell me something?
  • Do we have Child protective services here? Do we have social workers who monitor children in At-Risk situations? Anything?
  • Why can I never remember to buy food for the cats when I go to the store?
  • Is it a subliminal expression of my desire to get rid of them?
  • Why won't anyone take a kitten? Please? They are very good with little kids.
  • Why was 10% of my blog traffic yesterday from the US Department of State in Reston Virginia?
  • Get a load of the video below. Why do people do this?


omanobserver said...


A thought - I guess it's possible that the State Dept traffic is from the US Embassy here.


Sythe said...

US Embassy internet is from Virginia - They have a direct link to their headquarters, and then out to the internet...

boxster said...

@sythe isn't it possible that the headquarters (or rather a very secure data center) you speak of is in virginia?

kid not napping anymore - does she at least go to bed earlier or wakes up later?

Suburban said...

Aha! That would Explain the State Department traffic. Welcome, Embassy people.

Suburban said...


No she's still keeping the same sleeping hours, minus the 3 hour mid-day nap. She's completely strung out and Miserable. I almost left her at Carrefour this afternoon, she was being such a monster. Please God, Let this Pass.

Anonymous said...

you have an admirer ;-).
The video is shocking - the woman (mother) laughing as the guy goes around the roundabout - telling him to go slowly - and filming it all (must be relatives of the Abu Dhabi Sheikh who was videoed assaulting a guy) .
But - I have seen worse (well perhaps not) in Oman - a guy driving along the main road in Sidab - where lots of cars exit and enter and people cross - with a child on each of his knees