Monday, April 26, 2010

The Week in Review

Another boring photo post, highlighting the week in review. But first: Some housekeeping notes,
  • I know there are a number of you out there to whom I owe extensive, effusive, gratitude filled Emails. Please accept my continued apologies, things are just waaay too busy to compose anything suitable, or worth reading. I will get on it Soon, I promise.
  • Regarding the various comments on the Where does Suburban shop post, pointing out the fact that my maps and directions were less than perfect: I am not a professional Cartographer, and I often forget that not everybody thinks a google earth snapshot qualifies as a perfect map. The next post may or may not feature better directions, depending on my mood.
  • I have wanted to blog about some more serious stuff going on reigonally and Locally, however, time is too short, so for the moment this blog remains a mostly vapid personal diary. Thanks for your understanding.
  • Lastly, Doesn't anyone want some lovely Wadi cats? Toddler-Proof, Neutered, and totally free to good homes!
Moving on, the week in Pictures:

The Jackass Du Jour is this guy who cut in front of me in line at ARAMEX, spoke rudely to the staff there, and spent almost the entire 15 minutes drumming his fingers on the table, heaving impatient sighs, and having really loud self important conversations on his phone.

Yes, I am a talented Stealth Photographer

Next Up, the fine folks at Marina Bandar Rawdah have placed a lifeguard near the pool, sometimes. They have also hung 3 floatey round things nearby. On the day we visited, the lifeguard was in his chair about 50% of the time, usually reading or texting on his phone. The new sign on the new lifeguard chair reads something like" We are not responsible if you Ignore the Pool Rules". Rather Testy, and still a failure to acknowledge the Marina's need to provide a safe facility for their paying guests to enjoy.

While I think we can all agree that the little girl who drowned did so solely to to the carelessness of her idiot parents. However, the reason she died, instead of just having a close call, and a trip to the emergency room, comes down to the marina being unsafe and ill equipped for a medical emergency, and me and the other adults not recognizing the situation in time. I have owned up to my responsibility, I'd like to see the Marina do the same.

Dude, that must be a FASCINATING newspaper.

You might be interested to know why, exactly, am I so freaking busy? it's because I"m spending all my spare time with these guys.
These guys? These are my People.

I am attempting to overhaul a local restaurant, which will remain unnamed. It is harder than I thought it would be. The Cooks are fantastic though, and I'm really enjoying putting on my old Chef's Whites and doing what I do best.

It has not been without it's frustrations, but I'm genuinely enjoying the work. I am not enjoying re-growing all the callouses I used to have when I was a fancy-pants chef. The ends of all my fingers are permanent burns, and I have gotten so soft, that at the end of each shift my finger where I hold my knife has a new layer of blisters on it. Each night, I peel them off, and the next day, I carve new ones in. I am wondering if I will eventually run out of skin.
This is my finger, after day one. it looks a million time worse now.

Also, I think I am allergic to the handwash in the kitchen, because all the skin on my palms is blistering and peeling off. Super Gross.

I have also been doing a lot of laundry, on account of the fact that Both Stone and the Kid have had a Nasty case of Stomach flu. I can't figure out how to work the washing machine, because none of the symbols make any sense whatsoever. Look Below:

Clockwise from Top:

  • You are a circle standing on a Box
  • this wash cycle is for floral prints
  • This wash cycle is for floral prints with internet access
  • National Park Camp site
  • Campsite by a river
  • This wash cycle is for people from the 60's
  • Caution! Squid Washing in Progress
  • Electrocution Cycle
  • Keyboard Washing Cycle
  • Cycle for clothes soiled by poop
  • Origin Oman Cycle
  • Psychedelic Drugs Cycle
Seriously, could they not think of some better way to classify the cycles?

More from here soon.


Kristi said...

Glad to hear you're having a good time back in the kitchen! Quick, silly question. Exactly what qualifies someone to be a lifeguard in Oman? In the US, I know they are usually certified by the Red Cross. When I was in Jordan, they had to know someone who worked at the pool. Not a confidence builder....

The Restless Quill said...

Oh My god! I died laughing at your interpretations of wash cycles. And bang in the middle of a work day too. You are crazy! Hugs to the two, hope they're better now.

Anne Kurian said...

Hey Suburban,
Absolutely luved this post, especially the bit on the wash cycles. Provided the much need laughter therapy I needed today!
Btw, that guy in the picture you have photographer (great job!) he works at a law firm in the building I live and has a mean temper. And is VERYYY loud too!

Rania said...

OMG. Too funny on the wash cycles!! Wonder what the manual looks like!

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL love ur wash cycle instructions he he he. Sooooooooooooooooo funny.

I have an iron that was similiar. Would have been nice to know that one of them meant blow hot steam sideways else I would have saved my poor fingers some heat.

Andrew Brown said...

How on earth did you sneek such an awesome spy-like shot of that fellow?! You have to give me some stealth photography tips!
I also loved the wash cycle interpreations. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

i love taking secret photos of men yes men who try to run me off the road. So i totally enjoyed you posting your stealth pic.

When i am in the far left lane, and they try to over take on the left shoulder or kill me and all the cars around me. I plan to have a photo only blog for Oman and it's special drivers. Watch out, it could be YOU.

Amber said...

excellent post! I feel the same way about our washing machines.

Ooohhh...poor fingers and hands. That is how the tips of my fingers look when I decide to take up the violin again...ouchy!

Ummm...don't bother with the maps...what you had was great.

Um Sarah said...

Love your blog...hope you don't restrict access like Angry in Oman has.

Aalia said...

Hey OtherOman...

Just wanted to say ur Blog makes me laugh -- we have the same type of humour X-D

I am Aalia BTW, a Canadian chick living in UAE.

PS. Loved the stealth pic!!

Anonymous said...

Where are you?!

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